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When I was a little girl there were three constants in my life, my love of being in the water, swimmers ear and my huge crush on Paul Marotta.He was a 13 year old dreamboat who I was convinced I was going to marry. This was a few years before my introduction to Donny. I would follow Paul around like a puppy dog, laughing at his jokes marveling at his prowess on water skis or snow skis depending on the season at the lake. I loved him. This was a major crush.
When we were young my Dad would take all four of us to the most amazing place called “Hidden Cove” in New Hampshire. I wish I could remember the name of the town but it was right on Lake Winnepesaukee and it was beautiful. In the winter we would ski, snowmobile and ice Skate. In the summer there were bonfires, swimming, boating and waterskiing. The only problem in those glorious summer days were my many swimmers ears and my unrequited love for Paul. One day my Dad was going to once again try to teach me to waterski. I loved the practice ski that had a seat welded between the two skis for beginners. I never wanted to give that one up but Dad was determined to get me on regular skis so we were on the dock doing “Operation ear protection”. This consisted of my Dad patiently putting drops in my ears, inserting these terrible rubber plugs, covering them with cotton and finally covering my whole head with the dreaded swim cap with the chin strap. This one day just as he was finishing safe guarding my troublesome ears I spotted dreamy Paul walking down the dock. I frantically started tugging the swim cap off and pulling at the cotton. My Dad looked at me in horror and started to protest my ruining his work. He followed my eyes and saw Paul approaching us. My Dad quickly helped me remove all evidence of my dorkiness and invited Paul to go on a boat ride with us. I adore my father.




There are so many things I should be doing right now, There are so many things I want to be doing right now, The house is quiet. Gwee Baby is watching TV and resting, Andi and Burt are at work and all three of the digs are settled in and happy. I should be being very productive and I am not. My mind keeps wondering, I am thinking about Jen and Missy having a lovely visit back home and wishing I was there. I have not seen Jennifer in years and was so looking forward to sharing our days and finding that easy rhythm of friendship and being roommates that we shared so long ago. I also had a crap load of advice I wanted to ask from her because she is so good at it and knows me all too well and lets me get away with nothing. I am missing my babies. The Thinker had a huge presentation today and I wanted to be there to hug him and tell him how very proud I am of him. He has been on such a journey and continues to amaze me. I keep looking out the window and watching the Aspen leaves dance in the wind, The really do dance. I should get up and take a video of them but I am too lazy. Also heavy on my mind are the health challenges my Dad and my Step father are facing. I know all of these issues go hand and hand with my parents getting older and though somewhat expected are still not easy. I can see Mom from where I am sitting. She looks lost in thought. She knows that I was going to be sending the morning looking at Assisted living facilities here in Colorado and back home. I wonder if it is heavy on her mind like it is on mine. I wonder if her mind is wandering to Dad and Jocko and if the frown lines furrowed between her eyes are because she is thinking of them, past and present. I am thinking about my day-to-day routine at home and how I miss it. But when I look at Mom again I think how can I not be here. How many more opportunities will I have to take care of her. How lucky am I that I was off for the summer. How grateful am I that I can help ease some of her pain and worries just by sitting with her. At the age of 78 I do not think my Mother is going to change her ways and if what she wants from me is to just be with her, even though there are a thousand different things I thought I would be doing this summer, I am going to do it. So¬† my mind keeps wondering to Jennifer’s visit, pool parties at Camp DeMarco, the books I left by my bed that I planned on reading, the never-ending¬† job of cleaning my basement, Zumba, Boot camp and missing my babies, my heart is right here in Colorado, in this house with my Mother.

P.S. I am still procrastinating looking into Assisted Living Facilities.

Thoughts from Colorado……..

Thoughts from Colorado……..

This is what I am thinking right now. Please keep in mind I am at a higher altitude and it may or may not be affecting my thought process. Who knows?

I miss my babies. And I miss you and you. Not you, but you.

I miss the ocean but sometimes the Flatirons look so pretty you would think they were a postcard.

United Airlines can BITE ME!

Never miss an opportunity to be with someone you love. Tomorrow is not a given.

Nobody ever left the hospital and said “Gee, I feel really rested and the food was so good!”. Never.

Remind me that the next time I run in to Target to pick up a prescription not to quickly try on the adorable dress I saw in the middle of the aisle. I need to take a moment and use the dressing room because the people I flashed trying to get out of the dress will never get those moments of horror back. Andi’s loud guffaws of laughter did not help the situation.

Andi and I bought matching outfits at Target. We are going to surprise Gwee baby with our cuteness this week.

When it rains it pours.

It is not raining in Colorado. It is beautiful here.

I love the Aspen trees. The leaves do not rustle in the wind they dance. Really.

I took a couple of hits off of Gwee Baby’s oxygen and I liked it!

There are 3 dogs sitting at my feet right at this moment,

In my haste to get here I only packed a carry on bag, I am regretting that decision. I also forgot Donny.

I can not stop singing John Denver songs.

I hate that I am missing Jennifer and Missy.

Burt is the best cook.

I have no desire to walk the dogs around “Coot Lake” This greatly upsets Andi.

Gwee baby is being a real trooper.

I am not use to Mountain time and keep missing my shows!

The Noise In My Head…..( and it is singing The Eagle and The Hawk by John Denver)



Donny getting ready for the Coronation. He makes everything a celebration!

Donny getting ready for the Coronation. He makes everything a celebration!

It is time for me to pass my beloved Birthday crown on to Andi. It is July 1 and Janetpalooza has officially come to an end. Andipalooza will officially begin on July 23 and the next year and crown belong to her. I can not lie, it is going to be hard but I love her as big as the ocean, as big as the sky so I am going to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. There may be tears involved. I am thinking that we should go to Disney and visit the jewelry store on Main Street to purchase me a new bigger more beautiful crown . Yes, that would make the passing of the Birthday Crown more bearable. Andi, I will see you in 15 sleeps and I will bring you the crown. Please, my beloved sister, have tissues and Patron on hand to make your Coronation easier for me. I love you.