The Noise in my head this week………

The Noise in my head this week………

Nothing earth shattering happened this week, Thank Goodness! But it felt weird, warped like maybe I was standing on the deck of a boat trying to find my balance. I think it was because we had Monday off and then a snow day Wednesday and I kept thinking it was the weekend. I am very easily confused. These are the thoughts that have randomly been popping into me head all week and the things that have brought noise.

When your work week starts on a Tuesday you realize that a Monday does not have to fall on a Monday to be a Monday. Follow? Tuesday was Monday in disguise.

Triple P broke a few things this week, actually all in one day. She knocked the towel rack off the wall in the bathroom and dropped and broke the measuring cup into a million pieces on the kitchen floor. She was very apologetic as we were cleaning it up and offered to replace it. She asked me where I had purchased it. I told her it was no big deal I could pick up one anywhere but I thought that one had been part of a wedding shower gift. She looked me right in the eye and replied “And now it is shattered, just like your dreams!” and then started laughing. Really?

I survived a kindergarten student telling me that when she grew up she wanted to be “The Princess of Heaven” so she could see her Grandma. I wanted to burst into tears and ask If I could join her so I could see all the people I love and be the boss of them while wearing a tiara but I remained the grown up and told her I thought it would be a lovely job to have someday but she could see her Grandma whenever she wanted in her heart and in her mind. She then said “Ok, then I will be a Principal like Mrs. Martel”. I love my job.

I have been watching the movie Captain Phillips. I love it. I was really nervous the first time I watched it. It is very suspenseful. Kathleen reminded me that Tom Hanks survived to make Saving Mr. Banks so it was easier to watch the scary parts. I have pretty much been watching Captain Phillips for 3 days straight.

Just watching Captain Phillips and practicing my Baton twirling.

Just watching Captain Phillips and practicing my Baton twirling.

I survived the Post Office, where everyone in there was not doing anything remotely to do with the Mail. They were purchasing money orders and getting Passports. I am confused as to why people that are not from the US are here in the US and getting American Passports. I was going to ask but thought it better to Google the question when I got home. I was just as confused by the Google answer.

I survived Market Basket. I foolishly thought bringing The Saint along would make the process more bearable. Mistake. Reason # 8,046 I drink. Prosecco is only 4 points. It was the first thing I checked.

I would not attend the Olympics in Sochi or send my family. That might be being a bit naive but I would be fearful and I am going to be fearful until everyone is home safe.

Natalie introduced a new routine in Zumba this morning. It is a kinda of sort of Bollywood number. I am just going to call it the “Pee Pee Dance” because that is what happens when when I do it.

My sink is right next to my dishwasher. Every night when I go to bed the sink is clean and the dishwasher is empty.

Could it be any easier?

Could it be any easier?

                  Yet, this is what I wake up to every morning. I just don’t get it.

Why? Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?

 The Thinker told his sister, who told me, that he wants to move out in June. When I stop laughing I will make a comment.

brussel sprouts                            I am eating Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Just Sayin’


The Noise In My Head……And I keep telling myself “I am the Captain now”.




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  1. First of all, the real Captain Phillips lives in Vermont so before I watch the movie I will know he ends up safe.

    Secondly, please pray for my son, DC Robbins, and the other journalists (Peggy Shinn, Betsy McKay and Peter Graves) as well as all the other 15,000 Americans who will be in Sochi. It will be a long 3 weeks but I have put their safety in God’s hands.

    Apparently, since you had an uneventful week, it was my turn.

    Looking forward to next week! Your Cousin Ellyn

    • I am sorry it was your turn! I have been thinking of you. Did Mom get in touch with you? Hope so.
      I have watched Captain Phillips 4 times!
      I did not know DC was going to Sochi. I will add him to my prayers, always.


  2. What is it with the tiny green heads?? Jody made brussel sprouts (or fart cannon ammo) last night. I only like them occasionally and last night was no occasion. I like that Princess of Heaven idea. Smart kid! Shoot for the top! Hope your day is going well!

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