The noise in my head the morning after the SOTU Address…….

The noise in my head the morning after the SOTU Address…….

Wow, not really sure what The State of the Union triggered in my head but the NOISE is overwhelming………..

While falling asleep last night I tried to remember all the Presidents I could going backwards in my head. I am ashamed to say I did not get very far so I started listing the Weight Watchers points of all my favorite foods. I got so many more than the Presidents. What does that say about me and do I care?

Just a gentle reminder!

Just a gentle reminder!

The Thinker may be 21 but sometimes he needs a gentle reminder. Mario, SHUT THE DOOR!

3 Altoids are 0 points.

When I was little and use to play “House” somebody should have warned me about the laundry. I don’t want to play anymore.

The President referenced “Mad Men”. I think that ups his cool factor.

The President said women should be earning what men earn. He is dead wrong. Women should be earning TWICE what men are earning because we work TWO jobs!

Congressman Grimm, way to stay classy.

I miss my Dad. Sometimes it just washes over me like a wave of sadness. Four things happened yesterday that made me want to call him. J Man had knee surgery ( I would have called Dad to check on Jason’s progress), There was snow and ice in Georgia ( I would have called Dad to make fun of him!), The State of the Union Address (I would have called Dad and shared my views with him. I know how much he valued me opinion!), I was interviewed by three of my favorite 4th graders for the school newspaper yesterday. It was one of the highlights of my life. (I would have called Dad and told him some of their questions. He loved to hear my “Student Stories”). Yesterday was a hard day. I miss my Dad.

This is one President I can fully support. I love Kid President.

My pictures will not load. I am not sure why and The Thinker is still sleeping. I will promise to put the picture that goes with this post in when I get home. I have to go now and check on Justin. I am such a good nurse.

The Noise In My Head……….and it is still REALLY LOUD!


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