Dad’s favorite day of the year.

Dad’s favorite day of the year.

My Dad loved a celebration. My Dad made just being together a celebration. He especially loved celebrations where he was the center of attention, there was food and Football was on the TV. I am not sure if The Super Bowl was officially his favorite celebration of the year but it was definitely in his top 10. I am not sure who he would want to win today but I am thinking it is the Broncos. I will have to ask Georjan, she will know. She always bet Football with him all season long. I only bet once and I picked The Saints because I liked their uniforms. They are very classy with a little Fleur de Lis on them. I liked it and I won. I never cashed the check. I miss my Dad every moment of the day but I am especially missing him today on one of his favorite days of the year. Go Broncos!

Never cashed it. I just like having it! I won!

Never cashed it. I just like having it! I won!

I am mad at Punxsutawney Phil.

I have the best friends. I have to count Tony and Donna as the best of friends. I have not seen them since New Years Eve and we finally got together last night. They are so my kind of people. Donna and I made the plans (shocking I know that the Saint could not pick up a phone and make a decision) and it was very quickly  decided that we would bring pizza over, wear our fat clothes/ PJ’s and it would be an early night. A perfect evening! I love my friends that have become family.

P.S. There has been some debate about how many WW points a slice of pizza is. I looked at all the options and went with 5 so I ate THREE pieces!

I like taking all the silly quizzes on Facebook like which Disney Princess are you (I took it so many times that I am all of them!) but I draw the line at “What Breed of Dog are you?”. I mean really, I have to draw the line somewhere.

My computer crashed and the Thinker had to fix it. Well, it really did not crash but somehow become possessed with demon like qualities. It would not let me open any mail, any websites or post pictures. I was in full-fledged panic mode and it took some screaming and crying to get him to fix it. I still think he just put a band-aid on it but since I am a technology idiot I have no proof. I do have a new server which means the computer does not recognize any of my old sh*t and I have to go through every security hoop you can think of to log in. I do not remember half of the security questions I answered so you can only imagine the fun I am having over here. Good Times, Good Times.

Jakey Boom Boom and Lil’ Bit are getting married in 20 sleeps. They have asked me to speak at their wedding. I am beyond honored but in a complete panic. Everything I have written so far sounds more like a Toast. I am thinking I should find something already written to read and save the Toast for later. I have some ideas but am wondering if you have any? Thoughts and suggestions wold be appreciated. And I would really appreciate it if it was something I could read without crying.

Lauren left for Japan on Wednesday. I miss her. I am still in awe of her for doing something she has always dreamed of no matter the difficulty in following her dreams. It was not an easy thing to do. Wether she succeeds or does not succeed I support her 100% because that is what a friend does and she has been that kind of friend to me. Most people talk about things they wish they could do, Lauren made it happen and I am so very proud of my friend. To those that doubted she would do it I am just wondering how that looks to you now, sitting on your couches, just hearing about her adventures. I am proud of you Lauren.

The Thinker keeps singing songs by Biggie Small and Tupac. I do not have the heart to tell him he is the whitest boy I know. He keeps telling me Tupac was an amazing Philosopher and changed his way of thinking. I told him Barney use to do the same thing for him and he sang all of his songs as well. I prefer the purple dinosaur.

Speaking of when my children were little, I think it is odd that the baby girl that never slept through the night or took longer than a 20 minute nap now schedules a nap into her day whenever she can and the boy that I would have to sit on to read now has a library bigger than mine. They are either trying to kill me or at some point I made an impression on them. I am going with they are trying to kill me.

The Thinker's desk.

The Thinker’s desk.

I think I want to watch an classic 80’s movie today and give Captain Phillips a break. I am thinking Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles or Say Anything. Decisions, Decisions.

I do feel a Dance Party in the kitchen coming on. Who is in? Maybe this?

The Noise In My Head……………and this is what I am hearing.

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    • I remember Brian’s toast. It was awesome. Jake asked me to do a reading during the ceremony. I can write a toast like thing but I do not think it would be appropriate right in the middle of their ceremony. I am still looking for something.This is hard! I do not want corny and I do not want to cry. Ugh.

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