The Noise In My Head on a Sunday Morning.

The Noise In My Head on a Sunday Morning.

I love that moment when you first wake up, before all the worries and responsibilities rush in, and the possibilities of the day lay before you.

I think I need a cape. Not a super hero cape and not a Sherlock Holmes cape but a cross between the two. I think I could rock a cape.

What is everybody watching?

Sometimes I wish my life were a little less “After School Special” and a little more “The Waltons”.flowers

In honor of it being the first day of spring I bought myself flowers. I love flowers. Dammit, I deserve flowers.

The Saint is still in mourning. He asked my sister to take a moment of silence for his dear departed truck. I asked him if he could just stay silent.

Speaking of which what it is about boys and their cars/trucks? Really? I just do not get it.

I was saving one last box of stolen fudge from Jake and Elizabeth’s wedding in case of a PMS emergency but since I have been so calm and pleasant lately I have decided to give it away before it becomes inedible. Tell me why you deserve it and it may be yours. See! I am capable of sharing. Really, I am a giver.

So yummy
So yummy

I just heard on the news that the average person smiles 50 times a day. My goal is to smile 150 times today.

Everybody has been posting on Facebook that they will hurt the first person that complains about the heat this summer. I just want to go on record that I never complained about the cold. I may have complained about the snow a time or two and I own complaining about the grey. I hate it when it is grey outside. I do not think I will be complaining when it is too sunny and too bright this summer so I am off the hook.

I have been told more than once (you know who you are) that I talk too much and am too loud. Oh well, no apologies here.


My sister, Jimi, turned me on to this coconut milk for my coffee. It is delicious and drum roll please, Zero weight watchers points! Bonus! Truth is I feel very fancy when I use it. I say things in my head like “No cream for me, I will use French Vanilla Coconut Milk instead”. Isn’t that fancy?

This thought has been bothering me. I have an APP on my phone called “Retail Me Not”, thanks to Michelle because we all know I need help with my shopping, that has offers for lots of stores. Lately it has totally been freaking me out because when I go to the Mall or a Shopping area it sends me a text message with offers at stores in that area.  It totally freaks me out! So, if my shopping APP can find me where ever I am why can’t we find a plane. Seriously.

I have not given up on Saint Anthony. I would never, ever give up on him. Hopefully he will answer our prayers soon.

I am not going to see Divergent with Triple P because it would feel like cheating on Katniss. Truth.

Big Fan in Chelsea.

Do you remember when the Windmill went up in Chelsea? You know the one that has never been used. Well, a few days after it went up The Saint came home and said “Jan, have you seen the big fan in Chelsea?”. I kid you not and reason # 3,964 I drink.

I want to go on a road trip. Badly.

I just came home from seeing the Accountant. It’s not pretty. What Uncle Sam is not taking Sallie Mae is. I should just send my paycheck directly to them.

Since Triple P finished Grad School and is working we can no longer claim her. The Accountant referred to her as an “Adult”. That’s funny, right at this moment the Adult is taking a nap, I am doing her laundry and she asked me to make her lunch for tomorrow because I make the sandwich better than she does.

I watched Saving Mr. Banks last night and I loved it. I knew it was about Disney making the movie Mary Poppins but I wish someone had told me it was more about  PL Travers, the authors, relationship with her Dad. I pretty much sobbed through the ending and will never listen to this song again without tearing up.


So excited!
So excited!

Guess what? I just looked in the basement and I have a cape! Who knew? Now, where am I going to wear it and with what? Maybe I will bring it on my Road Trip. I am going to go play in my closet.


The Noise In My Head …….. and it is singing  “Let’s go fly a kite. Up to the highest height! Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring. Up through the atmosphere. Up where the air is clear. Oh, let’s go fly a kite!”.





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  1. Cars / trucks are freedom / adventure to boys / men. It is the first symbol of adulthood. It is how we see ourselves, either as we are or how we want to be. The Saint is a hard working, reliable, dependable, no nonsense, no frills, go to guy who gets things done with few complaints. As was his truck.

    Now go fly a kite.


    • Why am I thinking of your subaru with the “Enterprise” license plate. Where was that bad boy taking you?
      You go fly a kite.

  2. Guess what ! I have a cape too, and I have 3,999 reasons to drink!
    Let’s go on a road trip together! We could do that yard sale route that goes thru like 5-6 states and is 100’s of miles long! What a blast we would have!
    Love you and the noise in your head.
    Linda Jane
    (I’m serious)

    • I am serious as well! We need a sister’s road trip. I am not sure what Georjan can take off from work but we should find out. What is the famous antique show in western mass? I can not remember the name…….
      We can wear our capes!!!!
      Love you.

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