Mother’s Day Noise!

Mother’s Day Noise!

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My head is full of all things having to do with being a Mother. I have to write it down. I just woke up and am using my cheater iPhone to write this. I was reading all of my friends wonderful posts on Facebook and as usual the noise kicked in and I had to get it out.

1. On Mother’s Day I have to Thank my Mom for all the crazy. She has made my life colorful and loud and I am forever grateful. She has also taught me that doing the best you can is always enough.

2. My sisters have always made me a better Mother. They have been my foundation and have given me the support I need to be a Mom every day. A special shout out to Andi who truly is Marissa’s Mom.

3. On Mother’s Day I am especially thinking of my village, my friends. We have kept each other sane. We have asked and answered each other’s questions. We have cried and laughed together. We have endured too many firsts and lasts to count. We have picked up, dropped off and wiped the tears off of the faces of each other’s children. We have shared their triumphs and disappointments together. We knew what each other was thinking by the looks on our faces. We validated each other and we raised our children together. I am forever grateful for my village. I think we did a good job.

4. I am especially thinking of Ed who got me through Colic, Kim who got me through the elementary school years and all of you that saw in The Thinker everything that I did, especially Samantha Meier.

5. I am grateful to Michelle and Robin for blessing me with my Godchildren. Annalise, Angelina and Zach are the children of my heart.

6. I am thinking of Tessa, Sara and Eric who will always be my children from another Mother.

7. I always wanted to be a mom but I knew for sure I wanted children after Jakey Boom Boom was born. He was the child of my heart and I will always consider him my first baby. I will go to my grave knowing in my heart that his sister, Sambella, is mine.

8. I am thinking of Marissa and Mario’s friends. They also made me a better Mom and I have loved watching them grow into the amazing adults they have become. I love my children’s friends. They have amazing friends.

9. My thoughts are with the women I consider my Moms. The women I have learned from and been lucky enough to be loved by. Cathy Naples, Jane Perkins and Auntie OD have shown me how to be a better Mom by example.

10. I need to acknowledge all the Hallmark and Lifetime movies that have inspired me, encouraged me and taught me how much therapy my children were going to need. And even though I am not Ma Ingalls I often think to myself “What would Caroline do?” and mother by her example. The same could be said of Clair Huxtable, Carol Brady and Mrs. Partridge. What was her first name? I wish Parenthood had been on TV when my children were little, I probably would have drunk a lot less.

11. I miss handmade gifts and breakfast in bed.

12. I am grateful for the students at school that did give my handmade gifts for Mother’s Day. I love my job.

13. I am thinking of the Mothers in Nigeria who are waiting on words of their daughters. I can not even begin to imagine the depths of their despair. I hope they know every mother walking this earth is sending them love and hope.

14. Which makes me think for the hundredth time that Mothers should rule the world. Who better than a Mother to teach how to share, to punish firmly and fairly and to love equally. Seriously, we rule.

15. And as I lie in bed writing this I am thinking of the early morning hours of November 6, 1989. After being in the hospital and awake for 72 hours and an emergency C – Section ( I won’t bore you with details) Louie had finally gone home for some much deserved rest and the nurse asked me, that even though it was very early morning, would I like to try to sit up and finally really and truly hold Marissa. I remember she very gently helped me sit up and positioned me as comfortably as she could. She then left to get Riss from the nursery and I anxiously awaited her return. When she came back Riss was swaddled and wide awake. This angel of a Nurse handed her to me and made sure I was comfortable. She quietly stood in the corner as I held my baby for the first time. I looked at Rissa’s sweet face and in that moment my heart was complete. How lucky that I had the exact same moment 3 years later. I have been blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I am still in bed. I think I might stay here all day.

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