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Miss you.

Miss you.


Dear Dad,
It’s 1:30 in the morning and I can not sleep. I miss you so damn much. I see you every where. I can not stop thinking about you. I think it’s because I was in Marblehead tonight and I went by where you use to live. I was not sure where I was going but when I hit the little shopping area by your condo I instantly knew where I was and my heart started to pound. I miss you and sometimes it hurts so much it takes me breath away. I am so tired but I can not sleep. I thought because I was missing you so much I was brave enough to listen to your saved voice mail. I was wrong. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.



Another adorably cute well choreographed video of  wedding shenanigans (my new favorite word and like my idol, Andy Cohen, I am going to try to use the word as many times as I can in this post) has just been posted. It made me think that the only part of my wedding video that should go viral is off The Saint’s aunts sneaking into the kitchen to steal foil so they could take home the “Left Overs” from the Venetian Table.

If you do not know what a Venetian table is you have never been to an Italian wedding.

I did not have Jordan Almonds or Favors at my wedding so technically it was not an authentic Italian wedding.

My Mother in Law has still not forgiven me. (Tee Hee).

Put another nickel in

In the Nickelodeon

All I want is loving you 

And music, music, music.

My Grandmother's dessert spoons. I treasure them and the memories they evoke. Remind me to tell you about the "mint sauce" one day very soon.

My Grandmother’s dessert spoons. I treasure them and the memories they evoke. Remind me to tell you about the “mint sauce” one day very soon.

My grandpa use to sing this to us all the time.  It has been the noise in my head lately. I am thinking it is because I spent so much time at their magical house in the summer singing, dancing, swimming,climbing trees, putting on “shows”, drinking root beer floats using the fancy dessert spoons and taking rides all over the property in his jeep yelling “Go faster Papa, go faster!” that I associate this song with summer.


I went to market basket this afternoon and it was surprisingly uneventful until I went looking for razors. A man stopped smack dab in front of me and said “Your toes are so cute”. Me; (trying to reach the razors without any part of my body coming in contact with his) “Thank You”. Creepy Man: “I really like the nail polish color. Is that pink”. Me: (walking away) “Yes, it is pink” . Creepy Man: (staring at my feet)  “Your feet are really cute and obviously taken care of nicely. I give foot massages. Would you like one” Me: (walking away and glancing backwards) ‘No, Thank you. Have a nice day”. And as I am walking away he yells “Keep taking care of them! Bye!”. I walked away thinking I need to finish and get out of here! I also made a mental note to wear sneakers next time I go grocery shopping. But explain this, as I was walking to the registers I glanced down the aisle to see if he was still there. He was and he was talking to another woman. My first thought was “What? my feet aren’t good enough any more?”. What the hell is wrong with me?

There are too many channels on television and too many shows. Andi has a spread sheet to keep track of what she watches  and what she is taping. What kind of shenanigans (#2) is THAT? I get too confused. If it is on when I turn the TV on I will watch it other than that forget it. Except Parenthood and Downton. I make time for those two shows.

I want to bathe in this!
I want to bathe in this!

Since I began my “Keep head above water” journey I have not been eating out as much as use to. I love eating out and it is really easy to keep on WW with my beloved App but It has just been easier to eat at home. I have made exceptions for things I love like Nick’s pancakes (20 points) and most especially Panera’s Sacchettini with Basil Pesto (12 points). Have you tried it? They are like little pillow puffs of pasta heaven drenched in pesto and every bite is worth it. I plan on having it again very soon. You should join me for some Sacchettini shenanigans (#3). It could quickly get ugly.

I love my Birthday, I really do. Usually the whole month is filled with Birthday shenanigans (#4) but this year is different. This first Birthday without my Dad has been hard. His absence is deeply felt and missed. From the very first card I received (Thank You, Brooks for sending me my first card and filling his shoes)  to the phone calls counting down the days and the events he is missed. I am so grateful to my friends for keeping the party going and helping me celebrate in the manner I  am accustomed  to (spoiled rotten) but I miss my Dad. A huge part of me is missing. I am dreading waking up June 30th and not receiving my early morning phone call of a very badly sung ‘Happy Birthday’. I don’t even think cake can help. I miss my Dad.

Thank Goodness I will be with mys sisters in 6 sleeps. I will be with Mom in 10 sleeps. Then I will feel complete again and the Birthday shenanigans (#5)  can commence.

Where did my boobs go?

I thought I posted this yesterday. I must be getting old(er).

Noise! Noise! Noise!


My fun filled day of Jury Duty. I think you should all suffer through it with me. Remember, I am a giver.

My fun filled day of Jury Duty. I think you should all suffer through it with me. Remember, I am a giver.


This man slept and snored the entire morning.




At least I wore cute shoes! (And shaved my legs).




I caught up in my journal. I was behind a whole week. That hardly ever happens so I might have made up a thing or two or three.




I played with my Timehop App. The first day of Summer vacation was much more fun 2 years ago!




I may or may not used my Nordstrom App. What do you think?




Wishful Thinking. #22yearsago




I read this. I love Jeffrey Archer. Kane and Abel is my favorite.




I found this in my book. I want to go back.


I saw this on Facebook. It reminded me not to look back and to be grateful for the friends standing right beside me.





 Is time going slowly or is it just me?




I want these sandals. I think I deserve a little Jury Duty Prize. I should order them. Order in the court! Ha! I kill myself.




I brought my own lunch and snacks. I have eaten everything and it’s only noon.




I am looking up the Weight Watchers point value of cheese fries.




What’s that? We are dismissed!! Bye Bye Jury Duty!

P.S. When I called The Saint and told him I was done he told me to “Keep Busy” for a little bit and he would come get me. I heard “Go forth and shop. It’s your Birthday!”.

Notes on the weekend.

Notes on the weekend.

                              (How come I never see these people?)

This was an eventful weekend for me and one of many realizations. I need it out off my head. This is not going to be organized or pretty but I need the noise out, out , OUT!

Basically I am a really lazy person. Given the opportunity to do nothing and I will do nothing.

I am pretty positive my sister, Jimi is an angel on earth. She has the kindest heart of anyone I know. We like to kid her and call her “Peter Pan” and laugh at her naiveté but I think it is because we know that her heart is that pure and kind. She always believes the best of every situation and only wants everyone to be happy . She also understands my love of prizes, sends me cakes in the mail, buys me my favorite chicken breasts from the fancy meat market I can not afford and gives me her old purses.  How Lucky am I that she is mine? (I do realize I totally lucked out in the sister department).

I would pretty much do anything for my friends. I try to always give them the benefit of the doubt. I learned a painful lesson this weekend. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice or even three times? Shame on me. I am going to  mourn the friendship I thought we shared. You made me laugh and I will miss that but I can take a hint or two or three or four. Maybe I am more like Jimi than I thought?

I drove to Conn. for the first time since getting my one and only speeding ticket. The drive took longer than usual. I am still trying to recover from that little experience.

My “Books To Read” list is ridiculous. Do not let me into a book store.

I could pretty much live at Wrentham Premium Outlets. How much fun is that place?

I love people watching at the casino but I am wondering why I never see the pretty, happy,winning, dancing people from the commercials.

I know that my grammar is far from perfect. Usually my thoughts come out so fast I just type as fast and randomly as my inept fingers will allow. I do proof read and rewrite many times before I post. I also use spell check and yet I am blown away by the mistakes I find when I go back and reread some of the posts. Sometimes I care, sometimes I am embarrassed but mostly I think I write just like I think and it is what it is. Oh well, c’est la vie. (are you impressed that I spelled a french phrase correctly because I am).

What does it say about me that I have a hard time letting go….of anything?

My new favorite slot machine has fish all over it. When you hit a bonus the fish blows out bubbles that let you know how much you have won. It cracks me up. I have no idea how to play it or what any of the spins mean but the fish blowing bubbles cracks me up everytime. That and the Flying Monkeys on the Wizard of Oz machine is why I go to the casino.

It is Tuesday. It is the last day of school. I have Jury Duty tomorrow. Jury Duty can bite me.

 The Noise in my head and it is hearing  this but that is making me sad so I am singing this to myself.  Actually, that song is making me sad as well so I am going to sing this out loud on the top of my lungs.



The Noise in my head is full of Owen.

The Noise in my head is full of Owen.

As I lazily woke up this morning my first thoughts of were of the last few days of school. It gleefully dawned on me that I only had two more mornings of ‘School Wake Up” and then summer would begin. I started to think of all I still need to do (my desk is a mess, the new books have not been shelved…..etc…) and as always my thoughts turned to the kids. The students are the absolute best part of my job and the reason I love it so much. I was thinking about all the students that I promised to hook up with Summer reading before they leave and of the 5th graders that will be moving on. And then the noise in my head settled on Owen. Owen is a 2nd grader that will be moving to Australia next week and I miss him already. Owen is a bright light and a joy to share stories with. He is smart, quirky, unfailingly polite, sensitive and inquisitive and someone I look forward to seeing when I walk into the school. Owen makes me better at what I do and a better person. My head is crowded with ‘Owenisms”

He is a voracious reader. He is always asking for books and telling me why or why not he likes them. I trust his judgement 100%.

He is a tiny nugget. His hair is always messy,

He always says Please and Thank you.

On our very first Show and Tell day last year he wrote a report about The King of Versailles. He had written the report on a piece of paper and stapled a picture of the king on the back so that we could see who he was talking about. When he was finished I was pretty speechless and the only thing I could say was “Owen, why did you chose to show and tell about The King of Versailles” and he said ‘He is very interesting and my favorite king’. I said “Thank you for sharing, it was very interesting” but in my head I was thinking “Holy you know what! You are 6! Where the hell did that come from?”.

He knows how much I love to peel oranges at lunch duty and impishly asks me to do so.

When I was here for summer reading he wold come visit and bring his little brother to pick a book.

He loved telling me about Australia.

owenshoesOne day in first grade he wore 2 different shoes to school and owned it the whole day.

He always says hello to me even if I had just seen him in class.

He has the biggest brown eyes.

Whenever I read a funny part of a Junie B. Jones book he would throw his head back and laugh with his whole body. Sometimes when Junie B. would do something fresh in the story he would just shake his head like he could not believe anyone could be that naughty.

He broke his back this year and spent gym time in the office reading. I tried to make some time to sit with him and we had the best conversations.

He never complained.

He was “The Man with The yellow Hat” from Curious George for Dress as your Favorite Character Day. Enough said.

He asked me to buy a book about King Tut for the school library. (He likes kings!)

Whenever I spoke about him with his teacher, Janeen, she would smile. We all know how special he is.

Recently, one of the last times we checked out books this year, he was looking through the books on the table making his selection. This took time and I never rushed him. Remember I bring the books to the classrooms. We do  not have a Library. He picked up one of the books that had so graciously been donated in my Dad’s memory. He looked at the cover, turned it over and read the summary on the back and then opened the book to the front page where he saw the Bookplate dedicating the book to my Dad. In a roomful of noisy students and chaos time seemed to slow down and the noise fade away as I watched this sweet boy run his finger over the Bookplate, he was kind of gently rubbing it and then he looked up at me. He saw me watching him and he looked right into my eyes and then my heart when he  reached out to me with the same hand and very slowly patted my arm and said “I am sorry about your Dad”. I could not answer this angel of a boy and only smiled and nodded my head.

I know he will go on to learn many great things and touch many hearts. I sadly realize that he will only remember bits and pieces of his years at the Mckinkey,  I only hope that he knows he is taking a piece of the Mckinley School with him. And a piece of my heart. And I hope that the King of Versailles will always be his favorite king. He will always be one of my favorite boys.

Saturday Morning Noise

Saturday Morning Noise



Happy first day of SUMMER!

For me Baby Girl singing this song is going to be the soundtrack to this summer. (Doesn’t every 12 year old sing with a big band backing her up?).

Speaking of soundtrack that reminded me that Dick Clark always said that music is the soundtrack of your life. Thinking of Dick Clark made me remember that Casey Kasam recently passed away. I loved listening to his countdowns. I remember if we were driving and we got home before he reached the #1 song of the week we would wait in the car and listen. I especially loved his long distance dedications.  They always made me cry.

Summer is no Autumn  but it runs a pretty close second to my favorite season and I am so grateful for this beautiful day,

Driving back from class this morning I had all the windows and the sunroof open. It was Heaven. I always slow down when I am crossing the bridge from Winthrop into East Boston and look up through the sunroof and if I am really lucky a plane will be coming in for a landing and it feels like it is right on top of me. It is a pretty cool feeling. I love that which is funny considering how much I hate flying.

I love that the Dunkin Donuts on that bridge is so busy on the weekends that they need a detail cop.

One day I am going to get the courage up to stop and talk to the man who I always see standing on the bridge taking pictures. I think he is taking pictures of the planes landing. I want to talk to him.

I listened to the new JLo CD on the way home. I love track # 8, Let It be Me. Yes Ed White, I just said CD and Track. It’s how I roll.

I am so excited to have nothing to do today that I do not know what to do first!

Yesterday I seriously had a freak out when I realized we were out of Pink Lady apples. I had to run to the store and get some. The times they are a changing. (Cake and Fluff will always be my first loves). I blame Andrea.

marblesSpeaking of which Caitlin gave me this super idea to help me keep focused on my journey for these months we are apart. We are calling it losing our marbles. Each marble/stone in the jar on the left represents a pound lost. The jar on the right holds marbles/stones that represent the weight I still want to lose. I loved this idea and keep my anchor near flowers which reminds me that my journey is not just about losing weight but keeping my head above water, honoring my Dad and taking the time to smell the flowers. I also just love flowers. I love this anchor. You should do it.

A woman whose writing I greatly admire recently liked something I posted on Facebook. I was so excited I took a snapshot of it and look at it whenever I need a boost. I am a geek and a stalker. Admitting it is the first step.

My Birthday is in 9 days. I hope you are ready. Enough said.

I get to see Andi in 12 sleeps. So excited.

So many summer songs are crowding into my head right now. I like this one and this one and this one!

Happy summer Solstice.

I think I will celebrate with corn on the cob and fresh strawberries.

FYI, I need a new car.

FYI, I need a new car.
My baby has never taken a bad picture.

My baby has never taken a bad picture.

I need a new car. You have no idea how much this sucks on so many different levels. First and foremost is I love my car. I mean I seriously love my car. I thought we would be together for a long time. I saw somebody driving a Pacifica in I believe 2004 or 2005 and it was love at first sight. If you know me at all you know I really am not a “car” girl. Sure, I love a convertible and have been in beautiful cars and thought this is fun but I have never lusted after anything with 4 wheels. I did have a brief “When I grow up I am going to drive a pink convertible just like Barbie” phase when I was 8 and have always thought a vintage car would be cool to drive. I  also liked those car/truck things in the 70’s, I think they were called an El Camino but no matter how much I begged mt Dad would never get one. If you twisted my arm and asked me what my absolute dream car is I would say a White Range Rover with a tan leather interior but since that is never going to happen I have never really cared what I drove as long as it worked until I saw my Pacifica. There is really nothing that stands out about the Pacifica but it appealed to me and I wanted one BADLY! I even went to a Dealership ( all by myself I might add) to check it out and if you know me at all that was a huge move on my part! So, I feel in love with the car and told the ever patient Jimi and Harry to find me my dream car. And they did.

After Months of looking and weeding through Car Faxes they found a car they thought worthy of everything I dreamed of. The only problem was I had wanted it to be Black or Navy. You should know that of all the cars I have had over the years I have never “Picked” one. I just did not care. I either drove my sister’s hand me downs, Louie bought our car when we got married and all 3 vans I had when the kids were little were ones that Jimi had found for me and said “You should get this one” so I did. When my heart decided on the Pacifica I had some serious specifications and I was serious about them. So when Jimi called and said I found a Pacifica in perfect shape you need this car my first question was “What color is it?”. Not what is the mileage?, How is the Car Fax? or has it ever been in an accident. I wanted to know the color. That is how I roll. She quietly said “It.s a cross between a green and a blue”. What? Do I look like a cross between a green and a blue girl? I don’t think so. My hopes were dashed. Jimi said “Just look at it. You do not have to take it. It’s such a good car we will sell it no matter what”. My Dad was staying at their house as we were getting ready to celebrate Sam’s Graduation. He got on the phone and very excitedly said “Skunk, it is beautiful, You have to take this car”. I was doubtful.

I would like to say that the first time I saw the car it was love at first sight but that is not true. You know my history with graduation parties and I after the loooooong car drive from Mystic to Farmington counting from 1 to 100 over and over again to keep from throwing up I was too intoxicated to really see it for the first time. I vaguely remember running by it in the garage on my way to the bathroom where I spent the night. Family lore says I did look at it and say “Pretty, oh pretty” but I am not positive. It was love at first sight when I saw it for the first time the next morning sober with a cup of coffee in hand, I loved my car then and I love my car now and it is killing me that my car is dying. It happened very suddenly and we are not positive when it will take its final breath (something about leak in the engine, oil, rings. pistons) all I know is that it is on its way out and it not worth fixing. I am devastated.

This has been a terrible year. And I know I have written about my attaching feelings and memories to objects that some people (MARISSA) say are unhealthy but the memories tied into my car are many. Starting with how excited my Dad was for me to have the car I really wanted and Louie (get ready, I am going to be nice to The Saint here) being able to get it for me. And letting the car go is going to be hard. I love my car.

So besides my emotional upheaval there are other issues starting with WE JUST BOUGHT THE SAINT A NEW TRUCK and since Sallie Mae gets all of our other money we are really not looking forward to another car purchase. Like I said, I was perfectly happy to drive my beloved Pacifica for another 10 years. We have not a had a car payment since 2005! The money thing is freaking me out and the worst of the worst, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT! I don’t like anything. I know what I don’t like but I have no idea what I want. Do I want an SUV? Do I want a car? What do I do? It took me 2 years to pick curtains. I still have not replaced my laptop because I can not choose between an Ipad with a keyboard or another laptop and it took 6 months to pick a TV!!!! Time is of the essence and I have no idea what to do. Jimi is going to keep her eyes open, I am asking for your opinions and wishing I could call for Dad for advice. I am going to ask the Car Fairy to leave a White Range Rover in my driveway but until that happens I welcome your advice, And your condolences, I love my car.

The Noise In My Head…….and it is singing “See the USA in a Chevrolet“. Maybe it is a sign to buy a Chevy?


Doesn't everyone have an empty shoe box and gender neutral wrapping papaer in their basement in case their 24 year old daughter needs it for a project with one of her clients?

Doesn’t everyone have an empty shoe box and gender neutral wrapping papaer in their basement in case their 24 year old daughter needs it for a project with one of her clients?

The Noises in my head have been off the chart. They are not even quiet when I am sleeping. If I am not tossing and turning trying to sleep I am having wild dreams. I have to write them down but more often than not I can not find the right words. The noise in my head sounds like a big, loud orchestra. I know I have spoken/written about the noise in my head many times but I am wondering if any of you have noise as well. Does your chain of thoughts just tumble from one thing to the next? Do you feel the need to get them out and put them on paper? Maybe they come out another way? I have discovered that dancing helps the noises. Many years ago dancing was the best way to quiet the noises and I have only recently discovered that again. I am not quote dancing the same way i use to or as well as I use to but I have found that peace that comes after a really good class again. Well, here comes the noise. I hope you have had your coffee

Speaking of coffee no matter how tired I am I can really only tolerate one Iced Coffee a day. If I have anymore my head spins (like I need help with that) and my tummy hurts. Do not let me have more than one iced coffee a day!

And if you get me one I am really enjoying the Snicker doodle Iced coffee from the Center Cafe. Thanks Annie!

When drinking coffee at home I have given up Sweet and Low and cream. I am using Stevia and Coconut milk and I really like it.

I love the 15 minutes every morning that I drink my coffee and play online.

Why do I always look like a man in photos? ALWAYS! Do I really look like a drag queen and nobody has the guts to tell me? If ever there comes a day that I take a good picture I am going to plaster that puppy everywhere! I am going to make photo card announcements that say “FINALLY! Janet took a good picture!” and send them to everyone I know. I don’t even care if I have to Photoshop the hell out of it. I am doing it.

Speaking of woman playing a man playing a woman (ME) that reminds me of Victor/Victoria. I love this little number. And this one. Who knew Lesley Ann Warren was such a good dancer and so funny. I loved her in this movie. She was also in Pure Country, another movie I love.

I bet you did not watch all the above links but that is OK because I watched them in their entirety when i added them and it made me happy.

Triple P asked me at 9:15 last night if I had an empty shoe box and gender neutral wrapping paper. It instantly brought me back to last-minute projects in school and I was going to be cranky but then I became nostalgic and went with it. I found her what she needed. The Etienne Aigner shoe box reminded me that I have been searching for their wicker bait bag circa 1977 that I l love!!! I have searched high and low (code word eBay) and I have yet to find one, Be on the look out. I will be forever grateful.

That gender neutral wrapping paper reminds me of Olives in a Martini. Do you see it?

19 days until my Birthday, Are you ready? The Etienne Aigner Bait bag would make a lovely gift. Hint. Hint.

What is about me and bags?

No matter what I do or how well we plan the last 2 weeks of school are insane.

Ok, I lied. I did not plan as well as I should have. Guess who is writing the 1st graders letters late at night? Me! Guess who could be writing the letters right now? Oh that would be me.

I love my Timehop App.

I love my Weight Watchers App.

It amazes me that I have been doing weight watchers for almost 6 months. July 1 will be the 6 month mark July 1st will also be the day I whoop Ed at ‘Happy Month” but that is for another post. July 1st will also be the end of my Birthday Month and the beginning of Andi’s but I am ok with that (Kind of sort of). 6 months. Wow, I have been very open about my “Get my head above water” journey but have  not said too much about Weight Watchers. I honestly believe that everyone has to find their own journey and what works for them. Who am I to judge what path you take? I can only tell you with great certainty that Weight Watchers has worked for me. it has been very doable. It has been a great community of people on all different journeys supporting each other. I will say that everyone should have a Natalie and an Andrea in their life and if you live in the vicinity and ready for your own journey I will hook you up with these two amazing life changers. I really do not want to share but I feel so good and I am a giver so I will make the exception. I will say this 6 months, 60 pounds and I never felt like I was ‘Dieitng” just keeping my head above water. You can do this.

 I just got the news that a dear friend lost her Dad last night. My heart is breaking for her. I am going to stop writing for a bit and just be with her in my thoughts.

I hope you all have a good day,

Hug the people you love and not only tell them that repeatedly today but show them.

Big Love.

Father’s Day can bite me but I am trying to stay positive. Trying.

Father’s Day can bite me but I am trying to stay positive. Trying.

I saw this commercial this morning and it brought me to my knees. It would have been less painful if a knife had been thrust into my heart and twisted. As I sat on the floor sobbing I felt compelled to watch it again. I have no idea why I felt the need to torture myself but I found the video on you tube and I watched it again and again and again. After about the 5th viewing I started to feel better. I realized that I had experienced every single one of the scenarios portrayed in the commercial and then some. Every Single One! And my parents were divorced so I think that says a lot about both my Mom and my Dad. And right in that moment I knew that Ugo was right (I will never, ever utter those words again) I was so very lucky. In every situation when I called “Dad” I was answered in one way or another. So Dad, I love you and I will cherish all of those every day moments and I will celebrate them but I am still not going to acknowledge Father’s Day. Father’s Day can bite me.

P.S. My Dad was really good at pigtails.

P.P.S. I Face timed with Dad once and I spoke to his nose the whole time. I kept saying “Dad, you don’t need to hold the phone so close” and he said “I know” and I continued to talk to his nose.

The Thinker.

The Thinker.
I think my baby boy was always a dreamer.

I think my baby boy was always a dreamer.


Today is a huge day for my baby boy. Today will be the culmination of all his hard work and creativity for the past 6 months. Today his Software launches. I am not really sure what that means. I keep picturing him standing on a mountain throwing floppy discs into the wind. I do  not even know if that makes sense. I do know that he has been working so hard and I do know that I want this day to go well for him. He may drive me crazy, he may never remember to turn off the lights or shut the door but I will never say that he is not a hard worker. I think what I am most proud of is that he has done this on his own. The Thinker is one of the smartiest boys I know but he has always marched to his own drum. (FYI, he never played the drums just the guitar). He never shined in school and he struggled with the structure and demands of a learned environment but once left on his own he soared. He has taught himself so much and challenges himself every day. His path has been complicated and yet he has found his way. He has driven me to distraction these last few months but he has stayed focus and determined. I am not sure what this software does or even how to describe what his company does. Yes, he has his own company with a lawyer, an accountant, an office and people he pays. (By the way, I still pay his cell phone bill, Hello!). I only hope that at the end of the day he is as proud of himself as I am of him. I also hope he turns off the light in the bathroom.

P.S. The other day he ran a successful Webinar (Whatever that is) and when he got home he was pretty pumped about how it had gone and what he felt he accomplished. He said a whole lot of things I did not understand about marketing his product and creating excitement to build sales. I heard “Blah, Blah,Blah” until he said “You know who taught me that?” and I said “Who?” expecting to hear Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins or one of the other smarty pants he admires but my baby boy said “Papa”. Honestly, it does not get any  better than that and if this whole thing crashes and burns I will still be grateful that he learned from my Dad (the best salesman ever)  and they had worked on this project together. How could he not be successful?