I am boycotting Father’s Day.

I am boycotting Father’s Day.
Bombarded by Father's Day Ads. Ugh.

Bombarded by Father’s Day Ads. Ugh.

All the Father’s Day advertisements are killing me. I am seeing them everywhere. Sometimes they make me cry. Sometimes they make me smile but they always hurt. I am so very grateful he was my Dad but I am not going to celebrate Father’s Day this year. I am going to go to Conn. and be with my sisters. I only wish Andi could be there as well. I am going to celebrate my sisters and be thankful Mom and Dad had them. I am also going to give big love to all the men in my life that are fantastic Father’s, Grandfather’s, Uncles, Godfather’s and all around great guys that bring the Big Love always. You know who you are and I love you.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner write a book. Seriously? I would not suggest that as a Father’s Day gift.

This Sunday's Parade. Thank goodness I did not like any of the suggestions.

This Sunday’s Parade. Thank goodness I did not like any of the suggestions.

Speaking of which, my dad was so hard to buy for. You know me, I am a giver and I love to give gifts. I also love to receive gifts, right Andi? Anyhow, I refuse to give just anything. I try to put a lot of thought into each present. Dad was hard to shop for. He never asked for anything which is surprising considering how much he loved his birthday (I inherited that from him)  but one year I actually found him the perfect gift in the Sunday Parade magazine. This past Sunday they had Father’s day suggestions to buy which made me cry but then I felt better because there was not one thing I would have purchased for him.

Last year I found two father’s day cards for him and since I could not decide I bought both. I sent him one last year and the other is in my drawer.

Whenever my Dad opened a card he would make a big show of looking inside it and in the envelope for money. He would shake it and everything! He would also look on the back of the card and make some reaction to the cost of the card. Sometimes I would buy the .99 cent cards and put a dollar in it just to see his reaction. He even made opening cards fun.

 Today was day two of Book Fair. I am still really enjoying it. Ask me again tomorrow. I love how excited the kids get when they walk into the room. I swear it brings me right back to Hebron Avenue School and the Book Fairs I attended. I bought my very first Little House In the Big Woods book at a 4th grade Book Fair. I still have it. I hope the kids will have the same memories.

Speaking of books, Kylie and Kendall Jenner wrote a book? Seriously?

My cholesterol went from 233 to 157. Out of all the numbers I have experienced on this journey those are the ones I am most proud of. I am not going to lie, I have loved losing weight but the cholesterol number is proof that I am getting healthier. That makes me happy.

Big Love

Big Love

All three of these Goofballs were in my kitchen last night and it made me so happy.  I can not wait to celebrate Eric’s graduation on Sunday. I am so very proud of all 3 of them and love them like my own.  Look at Eric’s smile. He slays me. He taught me everything I know about movies in the 10 minutes it took to drive to school every morning. I miss those mornings. Eric, remember the day we forgot Paige?The lobsters getting loose in the car? Good times!


Seriously, Kylie and Kendall Jenner wrote a book. How old are they?

The Noise in my head and it is singing this because I am not overly dramatic or anything like that.

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  1. Ah Father’s Day! The commercials are suddenly everywhere. The first one is really brutal – last year I went to all of the places that I would normally have gone with him – his favorite sub shop in Scituate Harbor, out to look at the boats, then dinner at his favorite restaurant. I added sitting out on the jetty and crying my eyes out!! This year, I’m going to spend the day again with him! What you have planned is such a perfect way to spend the day – follow your need and your heart – and LOVE THOSE GUYS!! Love Lisa, xxx ooo

    • Lisa,
      Your Father’s Day sounds like the perfect way to honor your Dad. I know that being with my sisters will be what i need to get me through the day. You gave me a great idea, I think we will go eat at the last place we were all together. i think that will be the perfect place to have a good cry. Thank You, my friend.

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