Father’s Day can bite me but I am trying to stay positive. Trying.

Father’s Day can bite me but I am trying to stay positive. Trying.

I saw this commercial this morning and it brought me to my knees. It would have been less painful if a knife had been thrust into my heart and twisted. As I sat on the floor sobbing I felt compelled to watch it again. I have no idea why I felt the need to torture myself but I found the video on you tube and I watched it again and again and again. After about the 5th viewing I started to feel better. I realized that I had experienced every single one of the scenarios portrayed in the commercial and then some. Every Single One! And my parents were divorced so I think that says a lot about both my Mom and my Dad. And right in that moment I knew that Ugo was right (I will never, ever utter those words again) I was so very lucky. In every situation when I called “Dad” I was answered in one way or another. So Dad, I love you and I will cherish all of those every day moments and I will celebrate them but I am still not going to acknowledge Father’s Day. Father’s Day can bite me.

P.S. My Dad was really good at pigtails.

P.P.S. I Face timed with Dad once and I spoke to his nose the whole time. I kept saying “Dad, you don’t need to hold the phone so close” and he said “I know” and I continued to talk to his nose.

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