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Another adorably cute well choreographed video of  wedding shenanigans (my new favorite word and like my idol, Andy Cohen, I am going to try to use the word as many times as I can in this post) has just been posted. It made me think that the only part of my wedding video that should go viral is off The Saint’s aunts sneaking into the kitchen to steal foil so they could take home the “Left Overs” from the Venetian Table.

If you do not know what a Venetian table is you have never been to an Italian wedding.

I did not have Jordan Almonds or Favors at my wedding so technically it was not an authentic Italian wedding.

My Mother in Law has still not forgiven me. (Tee Hee).

Put another nickel in

In the Nickelodeon

All I want is loving you 

And music, music, music.

My Grandmother's dessert spoons. I treasure them and the memories they evoke. Remind me to tell you about the "mint sauce" one day very soon.

My Grandmother’s dessert spoons. I treasure them and the memories they evoke. Remind me to tell you about the “mint sauce” one day very soon.

My grandpa use to sing this to us all the time.  It has been the noise in my head lately. I am thinking it is because I spent so much time at their magical house in the summer singing, dancing, swimming,climbing trees, putting on “shows”, drinking root beer floats using the fancy dessert spoons and taking rides all over the property in his jeep yelling “Go faster Papa, go faster!” that I associate this song with summer.


I went to market basket this afternoon and it was surprisingly uneventful until I went looking for razors. A man stopped smack dab in front of me and said “Your toes are so cute”. Me; (trying to reach the razors without any part of my body coming in contact with his) “Thank You”. Creepy Man: “I really like the nail polish color. Is that pink”. Me: (walking away) “Yes, it is pink” . Creepy Man: (staring at my feet)  “Your feet are really cute and obviously taken care of nicely. I give foot massages. Would you like one” Me: (walking away and glancing backwards) ‘No, Thank you. Have a nice day”. And as I am walking away he yells “Keep taking care of them! Bye!”. I walked away thinking I need to finish and get out of here! I also made a mental note to wear sneakers next time I go grocery shopping. But explain this, as I was walking to the registers I glanced down the aisle to see if he was still there. He was and he was talking to another woman. My first thought was “What? my feet aren’t good enough any more?”. What the hell is wrong with me?

There are too many channels on television and too many shows. Andi has a spread sheet to keep track of what she watches  and what she is taping. What kind of shenanigans (#2) is THAT? I get too confused. If it is on when I turn the TV on I will watch it other than that forget it. Except Parenthood and Downton. I make time for those two shows.

I want to bathe in this!
I want to bathe in this!

Since I began my “Keep head above water” journey I have not been eating out as much as use to. I love eating out and it is really easy to keep on WW with my beloved App but It has just been easier to eat at home. I have made exceptions for things I love like Nick’s pancakes (20 points) and most especially Panera’s Sacchettini with Basil Pesto (12 points). Have you tried it? They are like little pillow puffs of pasta heaven drenched in pesto and every bite is worth it. I plan on having it again very soon. You should join me for some Sacchettini shenanigans (#3). It could quickly get ugly.

I love my Birthday, I really do. Usually the whole month is filled with Birthday shenanigans (#4) but this year is different. This first Birthday without my Dad has been hard. His absence is deeply felt and missed. From the very first card I received (Thank You, Brooks for sending me my first card and filling his shoes)  to the phone calls counting down the days and the events he is missed. I am so grateful to my friends for keeping the party going and helping me celebrate in the manner I  am accustomed  to (spoiled rotten) but I miss my Dad. A huge part of me is missing. I am dreading waking up June 30th and not receiving my early morning phone call of a very badly sung ‘Happy Birthday’. I don’t even think cake can help. I miss my Dad.

Thank Goodness I will be with mys sisters in 6 sleeps. I will be with Mom in 10 sleeps. Then I will feel complete again and the Birthday shenanigans (#5)  can commence.

Where did my boobs go?

I thought I posted this yesterday. I must be getting old(er).

Noise! Noise! Noise!