I love today.

I love today.

JandEI love today.

My house is filled with family.

I love having Jake and Elizabeth here.

I love having to rearrange the sleeping arrangements because we have too many people and not enough beds.

I wish I had a bigger house or even a normal house but I love having us all crammed together and on top of each other.

I love that we make it work.

I love that we always make it work.

I do wish we had another bathroom.

I love that at any given moment someone is sitting at the kitchen table.

I love the noise.

I love that when I look at Jake I can see the amazing man he has become and still see the happy little boy he was.

I love that he has happy memories in my house.

I love that Mystic not only came to my house but to Boston as well.

I love that we made new memories today.

I love that last night,after I knew everybody was in and safe for the night, as I was falling asleep I thought how happy I was that everyone was under one roof. I thought how happy this would have made Dad and it would have been normal and expected for him to call the house to hear about all the happenings and be wishing he was here for the chaos. And even though my eyes were teary my heart was happy because I know that this would have made him happy and somehow he knew. He saw us. He was with us and he was happy.

I love today.

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