I may never fly again.

It is heartbreaking and unfathomable to me that  innocent people are being used as weapons of war. It reminds me of Sept. 11 all over again. I know I am naive in believing that this does not happen every day all over the world but this is what I know and it terrifies and saddens me. I can only think about the innocent people who boarded that plane only thinking of what lay before them, never knowing what evil was planning for them. My heart breaks that we continue doing this to each other. My heart hurts and I may never fly again.

Again, I do know I am naive and that this happens for innocent people every day in other countries. I pray for them as well.

I may never fly again.

My name is Janet and I have a problem. OK, before any of my charming friends speak up here, I acknowledge that I have many issues. The one I am referring to today is that I can not scroll past a video clip on Facebook. You know what I am talking about, all the funny kids, cute kittens, flash dances at weddings, soldiers returning home, people doing good deeds and any other video someone deems important enough to put on Facebook with the post “Watch This!”. Well, I do what I am told and I also think to myself if you thought it was cute, funny, important than I will too and I watch EVERY SINGLE ONE! My name is Janet and I have a problem.

The above also means I have now watched the trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey” three times this morning. No, once was not enough. And all I have to say is “Oh, My…….”. I did not like the books and I do not think I will see the movie but none the less, “Oh, My…………”

kI have also read everything anyone has posted on The Market Basket debacle and I say good for them! I am so impressed with how the workers have stood behind their ousted President and support him. That SPEAKS VOLUMES to the kind of employer he is. How many of you have worked for someone who you feel that passionate about.? Some of the employees have worked there their (there and their, I had to think about it) whole lives. I do not know many people who have been that lucky. I may poke fun of my Market Basket experiences but I support them 110% and will not step foot in their store until this issue is resolved in the manner the EMPLOYEES are happy with. I say “Good for them!”. They have more guts than many Union leaders I know.

 Why does my paper towel need to stretch? That is just crazy.

I want to stick my face in a jar of peanut butter and lick it clean.

I want to make homemade mac and Cheese and eat it all.

I told you I have issues.

It is 12:54 and I am finally dressed and ready to start my day.

Have you seen the trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey?’, Oh my………….

Lazy days of summer.

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  1. I did not read the books (absolutely no interest in them) and I was wondering the same thing about paper towels!

    • I read all three because I can not start something and not finish it. I was not impressed. It went something like this, He gets mad at her….they have sex. She gets mad at him….they have sex. I was bored.

      I checked out the paper towels at the grocery store but I did not buy them. I don’t get it!

  2. I did not read the book. I will not watch the trailer. I am “over the hill” but love the hills in my past and the hills still to come.

    I share your joy of eating homemade mac & cheese.

    I tried nutella for the first time last week and am now hooked for life.

    My hands are killing me…waiting for blood test results.

    It is 75 and sunny here at 10:30 a.m.

    I love random thoughts.

    • My life is one random thought after another.

      The noise never stops.

      What is wrong with your hands?

      Nutella is proof God loves us.

      I will make you Mac and Cheese. Soooooo good!

      I love the “ambush makeovers” too!

      Hi Reggie!

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