Lift up your hands!

Lift up your hands!

I took a Zumba and Fierce Funk class two nights ago. I am the whitest white girl I know. There is not an ounce of funk in me. I should not even say the word “Funk”. It’s just wrong.

Stacey brought me spaghetti squash. Thank You, Stacey.

I love the end of the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. It gets me every time.

Sleep is a beautiful thing.

It upsets me that I am just learning about Sharknado. I hate being late to the party,

Kirsten Green just shockingly pointed out that we go back to school in 15 days. This is wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!!

I am eating watermelon as I write this. Yum.
I am eating watermelon as I write this. Yum.

I have been eating a ton of watermelon this summer and have swallowed a lot of seeds. To say I am not worried would be a fib. Maybe my mommy belly is really a watermelon growing in my stomach. It could happen. Maybe I should eat some pop rocks and drink a coke to blow that sucker up.

I love feta cheese. I love watermelon. I do not love feta with watermelon. Go figure.

I was cleaning corn on the cob I was buying at the grocery store the other day, I like to clean it before I bring it home, and a little elderly Asian woman was collecting the hair or floss (not sure what you call it) from the garbage cans. I started just handing her what I was throwing away rather than put it in the trash cans for her to dig out. She never looked up or even acknowledged me. What do you suppose she was going to use it for? I think it has something to do with Voodoo.

I just googled the hair/floss and it  is called silk. Who knew?

I just googled what you can do with husk silks, this came up. So it was not voodoo. Whatever.

If the silk isn’t dried out and brown, it’s tasty! You can make tea with it or chop it up (so it doesn’t choke you) and use it like a fresh herb (in vegetable or grain salads, for example). It doesn’t have a strong flavor – sweet and a little corny. It’s supposed to have health benefits and is used in herbal medicine too.

I am a google whore.

2 points.
2 points.

I like to eat my yogurt with an espresso spoon. It lasts longer.

Clearly I like to eat.

The new Market Basket executives have sent a memo to the striking workers that if they do not return to their jobs to service the customers they will be replaced. Are they that stupid to think we are staying away because there are no employees to help us? We are staying away because you are greedy assholes. So apparently we CAN add stupid to the list.

Good News! I found a sports bra that I love! Bad news, I found it at Victoria’s Secret. I had a really super nice salesgirl and I was really up front about my anger towards the Angels but she still agreed to help me and shared that she is not a big fan of the angels either. We bonded in the fitting room as she was measuring me. It was not awkward at all once I realized we had a shared hatred of the Angels and their fashion show. I told her I throw Cadbury Mini Eggs at the TV and she told me she throws Popcorn. Her name is Kim.  We are now BFF’s.   I really do like my new bra.

I hit a huge milestone on my journey last night. One I never thought I would see. Of course Andi was the first person I text and her response was “I am always right! I knew you could do it!”. As much as I love the number do you know what makes me happiest? Crossing my legs. For the longest time I could not comfortably cross my legs. Yesterday I sat down and crossed them just because I could and it was way better than any number on a scale.

So fancy!
So fancy!

I fell asleep reading this last night! I feel so fancy and so professional. Having written the last 4 plays it is so exciting to have finally bought one once again. This Directors guide is so cool. It has blocking/costume/scenery/lighting/music suggestions all throughout the script. I can not remember the last time I was this excited for a production which is a really good thing considering this is #15. SO EXCITED! (Buckle up Chris,Colleen,  Corinne, Becky, Kirsten,Kim and Lauren, it’s going to be a fun ride!)


I have been listening to Midnight Radio from Hedwig and The Angry Inch on repeat for about 3 hours today. It is an amazing song. Seeing Neil Patrick Harris perform this song was one of the highlights of my life.Truly.I strongly urge you to go see him in the show before he leaves in October. Go! Go Now! It was unbelievable. The audience was collectively holding their breath and leaning in towards him as he stood on the stage singing this song. In the first few moments after he finished singing you could have heard a pin drop as we all caught our breath. Truth be told I was crying but so was Andi and the woman next to me so don’t be all judgmental. Then the whole place erupted in clapping and screaming. Well, everyone but Seth Rogan. He was sitting in front of us and I guess he was too cool to show any enthusiasm but his wife made up for his lack of it. It was crazy. Go see it. Go Now!


The Noise In My Head and it is singing………….”Lift up your hands!”.

6 sleeps until I see Andi.

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