Happy/Sad Noises. I hate goodbyes.

Happy/Sad Noises. I hate goodbyes.

Waking up this morning, realizing that today would be the end of 4 days spent with the people I love most, it hit me that goodbyes are even harder after losing someone you love. I use to hate goodbyes but now despise them. I think I better understand why my Dad always said “See you in a few weeks” rather than goodbye. It just makes it easier. I hate any sort of good-bye. I really do. I also hate saying ‘losing somebody”. I know I have said that before so my new challenge will be coming up with an expression that better conveys how I feel. Maybe not as graphic as “ripping my heart out and stomping  it on the ground” but something along those lines.  I hate the expression “losing someone”. I did not lose anyone nor would I ever.

Apparently I do not bounce back from a party as easily as I did a few years ago. The house is clean and all put back in order but I am exhausted. My legs actually hurt more than when I take a 90 minute Zumba class. I did not even dance! What is up with that?

I go back to school a week from tomorrow. I have a tummy ache.

I wish my house had more than one bathroom.

The weather in Mystic and here has been perfect. It was the perfect weather to sit outside at Abbott’s, stroll Main Street, have an outdoor party and sit under tents.

I wish I could have spent more time sitting under the tents last night but life at the compound interfered with those plans and if you know what I mean by that then you know what I mean!

The beds at The Comfort Inn in Mystic are so incredibly comfortable. The hotel is very dated and basic but the beds are amazing. Just a thought.

Gigi has her surgery tomorrow. To say I am worried would be an understatement. I hate when the people I love are hurting. I just keep thinking how much better her life will be without all the pain. We just have to get her through the next 6 weeks.

I love the ice cubes scattered around his feet!
I love the ice cubes scattered around his feet!

I love the #ALSicebucketchallenge. I think it is fun and is raising a lot of money for a fabulous cause. I also think that it is bringing our viral community closer through a shared challenge. I also just love seeing everyone’s videos. BFF did it today. It was fun and I loved that he called out Sam again. SAM!!!!! Accept the challenge or pay up!

Wonderful things are happening to so many people I love. It’s amazing. It makes me feel old but then the happy takes over the feeling of  “Where the hell did the time go?”. I am trying to be in the moment people. Be in the moment. SO MANY HAPPY THINGS but some of them are secrets at the moment so just go with my heart is happy. (Note: I can be bribed).

Andi was told that elephants are her spirit animals. I suppose I should ask a professional what my spirit animal is but I really do not care what they say. I am going with a skunk. And who exactly is considered a professional in deciding who your spirit animal is?

In our line up! We always stand oldest to youngest.
In our line up! We always stand oldest to youngest.

Speaking of which when the sisters were all together  we smelled a skunk 2 times. Once in Revere and Once in Mystic. Then when we were sitting at Abbott’s a skunk waddled right by! I think it was Dad letting us know he was with us. Some people don’t think so but it does not matter what they think because I think it was a sign. I really do.

One of the things the 4 of us did together was look at Senior living options for Gweebaby. Suffice it to say that you need a lot of money to live comfortably in your old age. It’s not right. I am thinking I better up my game with The Thinker and Triple P because I want to be in the really good “Holy Sh*t it costs how much” Senior Living Community.

Someone is happy to be eating BBQ!
Someone is happy to be eating BBQ!

We started out our long weekend at Rinos and ended it at Blackstrap BBQ with Abbott’s and Michael Jordan’s in the middle. Suffice it to say Burt is leaving a happy boy.

There was a lot of conversation last night about my girls. Apparently I need new bras. I hate bra shopping. Maybe I can just wear my sports bras all the time? Who knew that losing weight would create problems with the girls. I think it was easier when they were bigger. Now I need to lift, separate and perk those babies up. I am too old for this.

BFF and I found our can! (Friends that become family).
BFF and I found our can!
(Friends that become family).

One of the things I am most grateful for in my life are friends that have become family. I have been blessed.

Which brings me back to goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. I was talking to Georjan about it this morning and she said we have to give goodbyes the respect they deserve. That when we leave someone we need to look them in the eye, hug them and let them know that we valued our time together. So, please know that when I am saying goodbye to you, trying to keep it simple, not to cry or make a scene, maybe like Dad only saying “See you in a few weeks” to make it easier, that what I  am really saying is Thank You for making the time to be with me. It was so good to see you. I pray that I see you again very soon and most importantly, I love you. I am so grateful you are important enough to me that it hurts to say goodbye.

The Noise in my head……………I still hate good byes.

 P.S. Someone I care about is trying to quit smoking. I know how hard it is to quit. Everyone send good juju and maybe it will help. It couldn’t hurt.






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  1. I just read this Janet and it reminded me of goodbyes from the past, when we use to visit my Mother’s family in Canada for 6 weeks every summer. It was always sad when we parted, and we cried. This made me tear up. Enjoyed the read.

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