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Blizzard Noise

Blizzard Noise

The Blizzard of 2015. Noise.

So far all I hear are  snow blowers. The men of the compound love their snow blowers and have 3 going at this very moment. The compound is not that big! They started about 7:30 am which is probably not making fans of our neighbors but I bet their attitude changes when they point their snow blowers their way. Actually our neighborhood is pretty groovy. We all get along and some of them have been here since the compound was established and even before. There is only one neighbor that gets a little funny about “His” parking space. Don’t get me started. You bought a house without a driveway! What did you think was going to happen?. I am a firm believer that if you shovel it is yours but not when there is only a dusting left. Get Over It!

 So, the first noise in my head was dueling snow blowers.Then I instantly started thinking of Blizzard eating. Why do I always want to eat when I am stuck in the house? Why? The struggle is real. So I am using all my WW super powers and have planned the whole day of eating in my head. I even tracked it on my app. Hopefully that will keep me in line. I am trying to forget that I have a secret stash of Cadbury Twirl Chocolate that my good daughter Tessa brought to me from England. Maybe I should move it.




I was thinking that maybe this would not be the epic storm the crazy reporters on TV were making it out to be and then I saw this. Has this truly ever happened before in the history of man kind? I mean I kind of expect it from Honey Dew but DD? This is bad.

I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Really, I should have just slept in them.

I wonder how Corinne is doing with her Toni’s cookies. She braved Market Basket after school yesterday just to get them. Reason # 487 we are friends. Priorities.

Toni, that should be your true mark of success. Crazy woman braving the madness of Market Basket before a blizzard to make sure she had your champagne cookies to get her though the storm. That is dedication. That is success.

My sister text me from Palm Springs last night to “Check” on us. Thank you for reporting it was a little cool and rainy in the desert. I feel badly for you.

15 more sleeps until I am in Disney World with said sister.

Even though we are not getting  mail today some of the new spring catalogs have started to arrive. This is going to be  a fun snow day activity.

clockI love my new clock.  I got rid of the digital apple iPhone base thing that was by my bed side and bought this. I love it. It even makes a soothing Tick Tock sound. Heaven

I wanted The Thinker to come home and bunker in with us for the duration. He decided to stay at his apartment. It feels weird for him to not be here. He is all alone and that worries me. Clearly he prefers it but I wish he were here. Maybe he is just avoiding the Snow Blower Brigade.  Can you blame him? Mario if you are reading this please check in with your Mother. xo

Hmmmmm, it’s quiet, They must have ave moved onto The Annex. That is across the street and down 2 houses where Micheal lives. It’s not quite The Compound but still a part of The Compound, The Annex.

 I miss Dad calling to get the storm updates. He loved hearing about the amount of snow that got dumped on us. It did not matter if I said 8 inches or 2 feet he always said the same thing “Oh, Man!” and then chuckled. I was looking forward to sending him storm photos since he had finally gotten an iPhone but I never got the chance. I miss my Dad.

It always ends up with me missing my Dad.

I watched two fantastic movies while being house bound. Pride and The Chef. I highly recommend both and am proud of myself for breaking away from the Lifetime and Hallmark Channels. It was a big move for me.

 Well, I am venturing out today. I am a little worried about what I am going to encounter out there but am more worried about the person I will become if I do not get out of this house! I am thinking it will be safe and happy at the mall. Wish me luck!




Noises in my head I never thought I would hear.

Noises in my head I never thought I would hear.

I have documented very well how different this year has been for me. I guess with it being January 11, 2015 I need to clarify how very different the year 2014 was. It has only been 2015 for 11 days and not so much is different except I am cold. I am always cold. Anyway, I digress. I was driving back from Conn. this morning (having gone down to meet the beautiful Emma Stowe, celebrate Jimi’s birthday and see the Dancing with the Stars Tour. I was busy) when the noise in my head said “I need some grapes”. I need some grapes? That thought popped right into my head. I have obsessively been eating grapes for about a month now. My desire, want and need for grapes is really inexpiable but it’s real. What the hell? I crave grapes? And it got me thinking about how many different noises are in my head since this journey began on January 1, 2014. So, as usual, to get the noise out I need to write it down.

I crave grapes.

I crave chestnuts.

I crave butternut squash.

I schedule things around my classes at The Cal Zone,

sneakersI own more than one pair of sneakers. Who knew you could wear out a pair of sneakers? I have different sneakers for BootCANp  then I have for Zumba. Who knew you needed more than one pair of sneakers? I am on my 4th pair of Zumba sneakers since Jan. 1, 2014. Who the hell am I?

I wish you could see how big the Honey Crisp apple was that Jimi got for me. It was huge! A meal in itself. It's embarrassing how excited I got when she gave it to me. WTH?

I wish you could see how big the Honey Crisp apple was that Jimi got for me. It was huge! A meal in itself. It’s embarrassing how excited I got when she gave it to me. WTH?

I am now an apple snob. I can tell the difference between different types of apples. I prefer Pink Lady and Honey Crisp apples. I also know when they are in season. What the hell? I am even scaring myself.

I have a whole drawer of workout clothes. Before I began this journey I had one pair of yoga pants that had never seen yoga. I still refuse to buy Luluemon. That guy can bite me.

I have the TV on while I am working on this and did you know there is a show called “Why Planes Crash” . Do I really want to know why planes crash? Its bad enough that they do crash, I do not need have an explanation. Can you even imagine me on my next flight having even the slightest bit of information on why a plane might crash. I would be freaking out over every little noise, smell, sound and bump. Hang on, I have to change the channel.

There, done. CNN. I bet that does not make me feel any better,

Speaking of planes I do want to see the Liam Neeson movie Non Stop. I am sure bad things happen on a plane but I feel the need to watch anything Liam Neeson is in. I am excited for Taken 3 but I am wondering who else can be taken. The cat?

I know what a burpee is and it has nothing to do with a burp. But the word still makes me laugh like a 10 year old boy until I have to do one.

Donny’s new album comes out today. And I have not been to Target in over a week. It’s a record. Alert the media.

The End. (for now).