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TGIF Noise.

TGIF Noise.

Marissa just woke up and by the way she walked through to the bathroom I knew it was best not to say “Good Morning”. I could tell she was in full Triple P mode. (Danger! Danger!).

I on the other hand have been up since 5:30. I don’t know why but at a certain point is just best to get out of bed rather than laying there questioning why you are awake when you are so tired.

I am taking a Belly dancing class tonight. Let’s all just sit with that thought for a minute.

OK, minute is up. Are you still laughing?

Is it just me or do the mammoth snow drifts look smaller? Maybe it is because they are black with dirt and mud. Black does make everything look thinner and smaller.

Speaking of black which makes me automatically think of white (probably because I mostly wear black and white) I have been using a whitening toothpaste for a week. Not really a conscious decision but we ran out of our usual toothpaste (because apparently I am the only one that can actually go to the store and buy things when we run out) and I have been using Triple P’s “Special” toothpaste. Don’t tell her because I think it will add to her crankiness. Anyhow, I do not see a difference.

Having white teeth reminds me of the time a Kindergarten student asked me why my teeth were yellow. I told her it was because I eat children.

They have also told me I am fluffy (code word for fat). dress like a man, wear the same clothes everyday (because everything I own is black) , was having a bad hair day and in fact needed to get my hair “painted”. I love kids.

Thank you for posting this Lisa Lopez!

Thank you for posting this Lisa Lopez!

I almost posted on Facebook this morning how happy I was it was Friday. And then I remembered that I recently read posts that said how much they hated when people complained on Facebook, stated the obvious (i.e. it’s snowing) or posted something that everyone else was posting. (This dress). I am guilty of all of the above so I did not post how happy I am that today is Friday. Which I am…..happy it’s Friday. So I wrote this instead. I say Post and let Post. Can’t we all get along?

Did I mention I am taking a Belly Dancing class tonight?

I watched a very moving interview that Zelda Williams gave about losing her Dad. When asked “Why” about her Father’s suicide she said¬†“It’s not something that is even easy to put into words,as much as I love words and have a lot of faith in them”. I love this so much. Losing someone is something that can not be put into words. I love words (right Lisa King?) and have had difficulty expressing how it feels to have lost my Dad. I still hate the expression losing, passing away or died. I need a better word. There are two things that I have read/heard that come the closest. One is in a song from Les Mis, “Empty Chairs and Empty tables”. The lyric is “There is a grief that can’t be spoken” and the other is a French saying that basically translates to you are missing from me. I think those words put together best describe what it feels like without my Dad. I hope that Zelda has heard this song or read that quote. It helps.

I do love words. My favorites at the moment are Frolic, Ruckus and Button. I am reading the ¬†Frog and Toad series with the first graders and there is a chapter called “The Lost Button” I love it. Saying button over and over again just makes me smile. I also like how some of the kids pronounce the word button. I am easily amused. Good times.

I love how they love their job! Happy 100 Days!

I love how they love their job! Happy 100 Days!

I am really enjoying getting the noise out of my head but I have to get ready for work. It does make me happy that today is Friday and we are celebrating 100 days of school today. It really makes me happy that Corinne and Maureen dressed as 100 year olds to celebrate. They make 100 look good.


I do not hate that my friends fill my Facebook page with posts about Cake. I like it. I like cake.

Andi captioned this "Pet me Grandma!".

Andi captioned this “Pet me Grandma!”.

And finally, Andi sent me this picture of Gweebaby and Frankie relaxing in the sun. It just makes me happy. I don’t even hate that they are in the sun of Palm Springs and it is 18 degrees here. Big Love.

I hope you enjoy your Friday. If you want to come Belly Dance with me tonight here is the link. Stop Laughing!



Noise the Morning After.

Noise the Morning After.

I survived the morning after something freaky happened to my finger and a trip to the ER.

1. The ER is a very interesting place.

2. There was a 3 hour wait.

3. The Gift Shop was closed. Gift shops in hospitals should be open for 24 hours but that is just my humble opinion.

Freaked me out!

Freaked me out!

4. My index finger on my right hand looked like this.

5. Triple P is the person to bring to the ER with you. Her commentary kept me endlessly entertained. Her comments in regards to the woman trying to get pain meds were especially entertaining. I enjoyed her professional opinions.

6. Contrary to popular belief my finger did not turn white from pointing it at The Saint. That would have been my middle Finger.

7. To keep the finger from ever experiencing anything like that again I will be wearing a glove like Micheal Jackson’s. Lauren, where is the one we used for the Thriller dance? I think it would match my new crown beautifully.

8. I think I deserve a prize.

9. Thank you for all the texts, calls and posts while I was waiting to be seen. you all kept me entertained. I am a lucky girl and grateful.

10. I hear birds singing and the sun is shining. That has to be a good thing, right?

P.S. What Does MEME stand for in regards to MEME cards? Ed, do you know?



Snow Day #5

Snow Day #5

Disclaimer: I wrote this on Monday night and in my sloth like state forgot to hit publish.

Olive Street Monday Night.

Olive Street Monday Night.

It is now Snow Day # 5 and I am beginning to lose my mind. I am grateful for the small opportunities I have had to be out of the house but there is something about being held captive in your home by the snow that distorts your sense of reality. Well, at least mine and I woke up to more snow and these thoughts.

What day is it and shouldn’t I be somewhere?

Then I remembered it’s snowing. Again.

I believe I have listened more to what Jeremy Reiner has had to say then anyone in my family.

Which is kind of hard considering just how much Triple P talks. She says that she likes to “talk things through” which means she tells me every single thing she is going to do, is thinking about doing or might do in the very near future. I wish she would just leave me and Jeremy alone so I will know exactly how many more inches of snow we are going to get and when we might see the light of day again.

That being said when she does venture out I worry every minute until she is safely home.

The Saint has holed up in his apartment so I have to worry about him as well but he never answers my calls/texts so I have to assume the worst.

I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder in The Long Winter. We would be in big trouble if The Saint had to go by horse, with his brother through a raging blizzard, to meet a train stuck in the snow to get food to save the town. Thank goodness I made him go to Market basket with me on Friday. It was much simpler and we got more than just wheat to grind into bread.

You would think I would be more productive. I have not. The more time I spend in the house the less I do. I think I understand why bears hibernate. I mean really? how much time can you spend organizing your cave? It makes much more sense to eat until you pass out and then sleep it off.

Should I shower today? I mean who is going to see me? Even though I spend about 8 hours of the day with Jeremy he can’t see me.

They just called school off for tomorrow. I will see you in the spring.