Noise that must come out.

Noise that must come out.
I want this. If you secure this for me on April. 19 I will be forever grateful.
I want this. If you secure this for me on April. 19 I will be forever grateful.

1. I am obsessed with the Lily Pulitzer Line being released at Target on April 19. I know it is going to be a shit show but I am determined to get every single piece whether I like it or not.. Honestly I went through the line and I like it all so who am I kidding. I am obsessed and what does that really say about me and do I care?

2. I do not do sick well or pretty. I don’t feel good and you can tell just by looking at me.

3. My shoulder is still killing me. I have not had a decent workout in 2 weeks and it’s getting ugly. When did you think you would ever hear me say that?

4. I have this irrational need to hurt my neighbors that still have savers in “their” parking spaces. There is no snow on the ground but they are saving “their” spots. They bought a house without a driveway. What did they expect? Rude, Louie said I should just let it go. I want to hurt him too.

5. I want to go shopping.

6. I love the oatmeal I have for breakfast. I eat it with a warm banana, crushes chestnuts, raisins and coconut on top. It is amazing. When did you think you would ever hear me say that.

7. I loved Taken 3. Liam Neeson can save the world.

8. I do not like hypocrites. I know I have said it before and I will say it again. I do not like hypocrites.

9. I do like babies. A lot.

10. I think I am going to do another Book Fair. So much for me declaring “Never Again!” after the last one. I am a sucker for a Book Fair.

11. 17  sleeps until Disney!

12. Andi is here.

13. I do enjoy a countdown.

14. I am loving the Series Empire. I know I am late to the game but at least I showed up!

15. I am going to try to be more mindful and thankful.

16. The above is my personal goal for the next 30 days.

17.It comforts me that The Pope has to cute back on pasta. I am not alone.

Drinking this will erase the 5 pounds of gnocci I ate last night, right?
Drinking this will erase the 5 pounds of gnocci I ate last night, right?

18. I also find it comforting that I believe that drinking my hot lemon water this morning will combat all the Rino’s I ate last night.

19. I miss my Dad. I especially miss him when we are having huge family weekends like this one. He loved the sh*t show that happened every time we all got together. He was always right in the middle of it organizing the chaos.

20.I also miss my Mom and will spend some quiet time with Andi today figuring out how soon I can get to Colorado. I love that she is so happy in Colorado but wish she lived closer.

21. I wonder if Andi is awake yet, Should I call her?

22. I miss coloring eggs with my babies.

23. Speaking of Eggs, 2 more sleeps until Cadbury Mini Eggs! I hope the Easter Bunny brings everyone their own bag. I do not share.

24. I do not care that I am 52 I am going to wear an Easter dress on Sunday. I would wear a bonnet as well if I though I could pull it off.

This is how The Saint feels when we drive to Conn.
This is how The Saint feels when we drive to Conn.

25. We are leaving for Conn. in about 2 hours. I have been making this trip for the past 34 years. I could do it with my eyes closed. I am sitting here drinking my lemon water and leisurely writing this. The Saint on the other hand is scurrying around like a cockroach in a nuclear disaster getting “Ready” for the trip. I have not packed yet, he packed on Thursday. Now he is getting his truck prepared for the trip. I am not sure what that means but the first time we drove to Conn. together he brought a roll of paper towels, bottles of water, oranges and a roll of toilet paper. It was still really early in our relationship when I thought everything he did was cute. Not so much anymore. Should I remind him we are going to be on 95 South and not The Oregon Trail?

 26. Andi! Get over here already! I am so excited to get this party started!

27, Happy Easter everyone! Happy Spring! Happy Family!




Just a NOISY thought.

Just a NOISY thought.

FYI, This morning before I left for work I

1. Threw a load of laundry in.

2. Folded a load of laundry.

3. Prepped food for dinner.

4. Ordered Mother in Laws Easter flowers.

5. Checked Emails.

6. Found the kitchen rug The Saint swore he could not find yesterday because he did not remember where he put it when he switched it out with the winter rug.

7. Paid 2 bills.

8. Threw the leftovers becoming scientific experiments out and washed the dishes.

9. Took heaviest winter sweaters out of closet (I am hopeful) and brought down to storage.

10. Wrote this.

This is what The Saint did before work.

1. Got up.

2. Washed up.

3. Went to work.

The End.

TGIF Noise.

TGIF Noise.

Marissa just woke up and by the way she walked through to the bathroom I knew it was best not to say “Good Morning”. I could tell she was in full Triple P mode. (Danger! Danger!).

I on the other hand have been up since 5:30. I don’t know why but at a certain point is just best to get out of bed rather than laying there questioning why you are awake when you are so tired.

I am taking a Belly dancing class tonight. Let’s all just sit with that thought for a minute.

OK, minute is up. Are you still laughing?

Is it just me or do the mammoth snow drifts look smaller? Maybe it is because they are black with dirt and mud. Black does make everything look thinner and smaller.

Speaking of black which makes me automatically think of white (probably because I mostly wear black and white) I have been using a whitening toothpaste for a week. Not really a conscious decision but we ran out of our usual toothpaste (because apparently I am the only one that can actually go to the store and buy things when we run out) and I have been using Triple P’s “Special” toothpaste. Don’t tell her because I think it will add to her crankiness. Anyhow, I do not see a difference.

Having white teeth reminds me of the time a Kindergarten student asked me why my teeth were yellow. I told her it was because I eat children.

They have also told me I am fluffy (code word for fat). dress like a man, wear the same clothes everyday (because everything I own is black) , was having a bad hair day and in fact needed to get my hair “painted”. I love kids.

Thank you for posting this Lisa Lopez!

Thank you for posting this Lisa Lopez!

I almost posted on Facebook this morning how happy I was it was Friday. And then I remembered that I recently read posts that said how much they hated when people complained on Facebook, stated the obvious (i.e. it’s snowing) or posted something that everyone else was posting. (This dress). I am guilty of all of the above so I did not post how happy I am that today is Friday. Which I am…..happy it’s Friday. So I wrote this instead. I say Post and let Post. Can’t we all get along?

Did I mention I am taking a Belly Dancing class tonight?

I watched a very moving interview that Zelda Williams gave about losing her Dad. When asked “Why” about her Father’s suicide she said “It’s not something that is even easy to put into words,as much as I love words and have a lot of faith in them”. I love this so much. Losing someone is something that can not be put into words. I love words (right Lisa King?) and have had difficulty expressing how it feels to have lost my Dad. I still hate the expression losing, passing away or died. I need a better word. There are two things that I have read/heard that come the closest. One is in a song from Les Mis, “Empty Chairs and Empty tables”. The lyric is “There is a grief that can’t be spoken” and the other is a French saying that basically translates to you are missing from me. I think those words put together best describe what it feels like without my Dad. I hope that Zelda has heard this song or read that quote. It helps.

I do love words. My favorites at the moment are Frolic, Ruckus and Button. I am reading the  Frog and Toad series with the first graders and there is a chapter called “The Lost Button” I love it. Saying button over and over again just makes me smile. I also like how some of the kids pronounce the word button. I am easily amused. Good times.

I love how they love their job! Happy 100 Days!

I love how they love their job! Happy 100 Days!

I am really enjoying getting the noise out of my head but I have to get ready for work. It does make me happy that today is Friday and we are celebrating 100 days of school today. It really makes me happy that Corinne and Maureen dressed as 100 year olds to celebrate. They make 100 look good.


I do not hate that my friends fill my Facebook page with posts about Cake. I like it. I like cake.

Andi captioned this "Pet me Grandma!".

Andi captioned this “Pet me Grandma!”.

And finally, Andi sent me this picture of Gweebaby and Frankie relaxing in the sun. It just makes me happy. I don’t even hate that they are in the sun of Palm Springs and it is 18 degrees here. Big Love.

I hope you enjoy your Friday. If you want to come Belly Dance with me tonight here is the link. Stop Laughing!



Noise the Morning After.

Noise the Morning After.

I survived the morning after something freaky happened to my finger and a trip to the ER.

1. The ER is a very interesting place.

2. There was a 3 hour wait.

3. The Gift Shop was closed. Gift shops in hospitals should be open for 24 hours but that is just my humble opinion.

Freaked me out!

Freaked me out!

4. My index finger on my right hand looked like this.

5. Triple P is the person to bring to the ER with you. Her commentary kept me endlessly entertained. Her comments in regards to the woman trying to get pain meds were especially entertaining. I enjoyed her professional opinions.

6. Contrary to popular belief my finger did not turn white from pointing it at The Saint. That would have been my middle Finger.

7. To keep the finger from ever experiencing anything like that again I will be wearing a glove like Micheal Jackson’s. Lauren, where is the one we used for the Thriller dance? I think it would match my new crown beautifully.

8. I think I deserve a prize.

9. Thank you for all the texts, calls and posts while I was waiting to be seen. you all kept me entertained. I am a lucky girl and grateful.

10. I hear birds singing and the sun is shining. That has to be a good thing, right?

P.S. What Does MEME stand for in regards to MEME cards? Ed, do you know?



Snow Day #5

Snow Day #5

Disclaimer: I wrote this on Monday night and in my sloth like state forgot to hit publish.

Olive Street Monday Night.

Olive Street Monday Night.

It is now Snow Day # 5 and I am beginning to lose my mind. I am grateful for the small opportunities I have had to be out of the house but there is something about being held captive in your home by the snow that distorts your sense of reality. Well, at least mine and I woke up to more snow and these thoughts.

What day is it and shouldn’t I be somewhere?

Then I remembered it’s snowing. Again.

I believe I have listened more to what Jeremy Reiner has had to say then anyone in my family.

Which is kind of hard considering just how much Triple P talks. She says that she likes to “talk things through” which means she tells me every single thing she is going to do, is thinking about doing or might do in the very near future. I wish she would just leave me and Jeremy alone so I will know exactly how many more inches of snow we are going to get and when we might see the light of day again.

That being said when she does venture out I worry every minute until she is safely home.

The Saint has holed up in his apartment so I have to worry about him as well but he never answers my calls/texts so I have to assume the worst.

I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder in The Long Winter. We would be in big trouble if The Saint had to go by horse, with his brother through a raging blizzard, to meet a train stuck in the snow to get food to save the town. Thank goodness I made him go to Market basket with me on Friday. It was much simpler and we got more than just wheat to grind into bread.

You would think I would be more productive. I have not. The more time I spend in the house the less I do. I think I understand why bears hibernate. I mean really? how much time can you spend organizing your cave? It makes much more sense to eat until you pass out and then sleep it off.

Should I shower today? I mean who is going to see me? Even though I spend about 8 hours of the day with Jeremy he can’t see me.

They just called school off for tomorrow. I will see you in the spring.




Blizzard Noise

Blizzard Noise

The Blizzard of 2015. Noise.

So far all I hear are  snow blowers. The men of the compound love their snow blowers and have 3 going at this very moment. The compound is not that big! They started about 7:30 am which is probably not making fans of our neighbors but I bet their attitude changes when they point their snow blowers their way. Actually our neighborhood is pretty groovy. We all get along and some of them have been here since the compound was established and even before. There is only one neighbor that gets a little funny about “His” parking space. Don’t get me started. You bought a house without a driveway! What did you think was going to happen?. I am a firm believer that if you shovel it is yours but not when there is only a dusting left. Get Over It!

 So, the first noise in my head was dueling snow blowers.Then I instantly started thinking of Blizzard eating. Why do I always want to eat when I am stuck in the house? Why? The struggle is real. So I am using all my WW super powers and have planned the whole day of eating in my head. I even tracked it on my app. Hopefully that will keep me in line. I am trying to forget that I have a secret stash of Cadbury Twirl Chocolate that my good daughter Tessa brought to me from England. Maybe I should move it.




I was thinking that maybe this would not be the epic storm the crazy reporters on TV were making it out to be and then I saw this. Has this truly ever happened before in the history of man kind? I mean I kind of expect it from Honey Dew but DD? This is bad.

I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Really, I should have just slept in them.

I wonder how Corinne is doing with her Toni’s cookies. She braved Market Basket after school yesterday just to get them. Reason # 487 we are friends. Priorities.

Toni, that should be your true mark of success. Crazy woman braving the madness of Market Basket before a blizzard to make sure she had your champagne cookies to get her though the storm. That is dedication. That is success.

My sister text me from Palm Springs last night to “Check” on us. Thank you for reporting it was a little cool and rainy in the desert. I feel badly for you.

15 more sleeps until I am in Disney World with said sister.

Even though we are not getting  mail today some of the new spring catalogs have started to arrive. This is going to be  a fun snow day activity.

clockI love my new clock.  I got rid of the digital apple iPhone base thing that was by my bed side and bought this. I love it. It even makes a soothing Tick Tock sound. Heaven

I wanted The Thinker to come home and bunker in with us for the duration. He decided to stay at his apartment. It feels weird for him to not be here. He is all alone and that worries me. Clearly he prefers it but I wish he were here. Maybe he is just avoiding the Snow Blower Brigade.  Can you blame him? Mario if you are reading this please check in with your Mother. xo

Hmmmmm, it’s quiet, They must have ave moved onto The Annex. That is across the street and down 2 houses where Micheal lives. It’s not quite The Compound but still a part of The Compound, The Annex.

 I miss Dad calling to get the storm updates. He loved hearing about the amount of snow that got dumped on us. It did not matter if I said 8 inches or 2 feet he always said the same thing “Oh, Man!” and then chuckled. I was looking forward to sending him storm photos since he had finally gotten an iPhone but I never got the chance. I miss my Dad.

It always ends up with me missing my Dad.

I watched two fantastic movies while being house bound. Pride and The Chef. I highly recommend both and am proud of myself for breaking away from the Lifetime and Hallmark Channels. It was a big move for me.

 Well, I am venturing out today. I am a little worried about what I am going to encounter out there but am more worried about the person I will become if I do not get out of this house! I am thinking it will be safe and happy at the mall. Wish me luck!




Noises in my head I never thought I would hear.

Noises in my head I never thought I would hear.

I have documented very well how different this year has been for me. I guess with it being January 11, 2015 I need to clarify how very different the year 2014 was. It has only been 2015 for 11 days and not so much is different except I am cold. I am always cold. Anyway, I digress. I was driving back from Conn. this morning (having gone down to meet the beautiful Emma Stowe, celebrate Jimi’s birthday and see the Dancing with the Stars Tour. I was busy) when the noise in my head said “I need some grapes”. I need some grapes? That thought popped right into my head. I have obsessively been eating grapes for about a month now. My desire, want and need for grapes is really inexpiable but it’s real. What the hell? I crave grapes? And it got me thinking about how many different noises are in my head since this journey began on January 1, 2014. So, as usual, to get the noise out I need to write it down.

I crave grapes.

I crave chestnuts.

I crave butternut squash.

I schedule things around my classes at The Cal Zone,

sneakersI own more than one pair of sneakers. Who knew you could wear out a pair of sneakers? I have different sneakers for BootCANp  then I have for Zumba. Who knew you needed more than one pair of sneakers? I am on my 4th pair of Zumba sneakers since Jan. 1, 2014. Who the hell am I?

I wish you could see how big the Honey Crisp apple was that Jimi got for me. It was huge! A meal in itself. It's embarrassing how excited I got when she gave it to me. WTH?

I wish you could see how big the Honey Crisp apple was that Jimi got for me. It was huge! A meal in itself. It’s embarrassing how excited I got when she gave it to me. WTH?

I am now an apple snob. I can tell the difference between different types of apples. I prefer Pink Lady and Honey Crisp apples. I also know when they are in season. What the hell? I am even scaring myself.

I have a whole drawer of workout clothes. Before I began this journey I had one pair of yoga pants that had never seen yoga. I still refuse to buy Luluemon. That guy can bite me.

I have the TV on while I am working on this and did you know there is a show called “Why Planes Crash” . Do I really want to know why planes crash? Its bad enough that they do crash, I do not need have an explanation. Can you even imagine me on my next flight having even the slightest bit of information on why a plane might crash. I would be freaking out over every little noise, smell, sound and bump. Hang on, I have to change the channel.

There, done. CNN. I bet that does not make me feel any better,

Speaking of planes I do want to see the Liam Neeson movie Non Stop. I am sure bad things happen on a plane but I feel the need to watch anything Liam Neeson is in. I am excited for Taken 3 but I am wondering who else can be taken. The cat?

I know what a burpee is and it has nothing to do with a burp. But the word still makes me laugh like a 10 year old boy until I have to do one.

Donny’s new album comes out today. And I have not been to Target in over a week. It’s a record. Alert the media.

The End. (for now).









Mario is moving out.

Mario is moving out.

Ready to go.

Ready to go.

My baby boy is moving out today and I am torn between celebrating this milestone or tackling him to the ground and begging him not to leave. It could go either way and this is hard. It feels so much different from leaving for school. It is much, much bigger. This is not a move he has to make but a move he wants to make. Please do not think I am not proud of him because I am. I am very, very proud of him. For one he is busting out of the compound and that has not happened since 1990 when the Saint’s sister made a run for the border. And during his darkest days I don’t think he could see himself being this happy so who am I to blockade the door and never let him out? I am so proud of him but it hurts. It hurts big.

I love this photo.

I love this photo.

He is so excited and so sure of what he is doing. How can be so sure when my heart is racing with all the uncertainties? Who is going to buy the cereal he likes? Who is going to make sure there is Almond Milk in the fridge? Who is going to remind him of his appointments? Does he even know what laundry detergent I use because he does not like fragrance? Who is going to ask him 100 times a day if he is ok and does he need anything? And most importantly, who is going to walk by his bedroom door every night and silently say in her head the nighttime prayer he learned as a little boy. Oh! My! God! He loves candles. Who is going to make sure he blows out the candles? I can not breathe.

I like to believe he is thinking about his love for his Mother in this photo.(I am not rational when it comes to my children).

I like to believe he is thinking about his love for his Mother in this photo.(I am not rational when it comes to my children).

I think a little part of me (ok a huge part of me) hopes that once he is gone he realizes how much he does need me. I never pretended to be rational when it comes to my kids. I WANT them to need me. It has been so long since he has needed me to do the most basic things for him like tie his shoes and make pancakes that I want him to acknowledge that is some small (laundry detergent brand) way he still needs his Mommy. I look forward to those texts (he never calls) .They will be small tangible proof that he still needs me. So today I am going to put on my big girl panties, plaster a smile on my face and help my baby boy spread his gorgeous wings and fly. Then I will come home and curl up on his childhood twin bed in the fetal position and cry. And tomorrow morning when I wake up I am going to lay in bed, listen for the sound of his feetie pajama clad footsteps running into my room and in my heart hear his 4-year-old voice asking “Momma, are you up? I think so you make me pancakes”.

This is hard, really, really hard.

The Bubble.

The Bubble.


A year ago 9/15/2013 was a Sunday and  right at this time I entered the bubble. I walked into the waiting room of the hospital, holding my sister’s hand, and was greeted by Dee, Brooks and a Priest tearfully telling us that we must hurry into the room as they were giving Dad his last rites. I remember holding my breath as I hurriedly put on the gown, mask and gloves they said we must wear and saying to myself “This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening”. I made eye contact with Andi above our masks and we simultaneously nodded and took a deep breath as we walked into the small room filled with machines and beeping noises. I instantly looked at my beloved Father lying in the bed and thought “That isn’t him”. He was like a shell of man, not my vibrant, loving, full of life Dad. I knew in my heart that he was not there. I held his hand as the Priest began to pray and leaned in close to whisper in his ear. “Dad, I am here. It’s Skunk. I love you”. I knew there would be no response and I did it more for me than for him. I talked to him a lot in the next 36 hours, probably more than he wanted me to. It  felt so safe, calm and isolated with just the 4 of us in the room with him. It was our own safe bubble where we could cry, laugh and be with the man who defined who we were as family. People came and went, a steady stream of love and tears, but we never left his side. Though he had been given last rites and we knew what was stacked against him if by miracle he came out of the coma, as long as we were in the bubble and there was a glimmer of hope, we wanted to be there for him. On that Monday evening when we realized the inevitable we took his hands and held them and hoped that he could feel our love as we said goodbye. Not wanting to leave him or the bubble we had  created we remained in the hospital a bit just catching our breath and figuring out what to do next. Trebor came to get us and we gratefully turned decision-making over to him. Yes, we would go home. Yes, he would make the phone calls. Yes, he would pick up breakfast. We left the bubble at about 6:30 in the morning and as we walked out into the bright sunshine of the morning I was shocked to see that life was going on as if nothing had happened. Didn’t these people scurrying about their business know that my world had just forever changed? We silently clung to each other as we stumbled into the car and drove away to try to make sense of our new normal. I want back in the bubble. Even knowing what would happen 36 hours later I want those quiet moments back when the only thing I had to worry about was making sure my Dad felt how much he was loved. I want back in the bubble. Andi? Brooks? Are you with me?

Noisey Noise

Noisey Noise

I just spent a leisurely hour reading my magazines and drinking coffee. I love the Fall issues of my magazines because Autumn is my favorite season and I love fall clothes. You know, sweaters and loafers. I love dressing for fall. It was a good hour but of course the noises in my head started going off so I have to write them down.

I hate when the subscription postcards fall out of my magazine. Does anyone actually use them to subscribe to a magazine and if so I want to meet this person. Order online or steal them from the Doctor’s office like the rest of us!

Triple P just told me that Mindy Kaling is her spirit animal. She kills me. Triple P not Mindy but she is funny too.

I declare skunks my spirit animal.

Are we seriously suppose to believe that the actresses color their own hair. Really? I know I have said it before but I want proof. I want to see Blake Lively sitting in the kitchen in a ratty t shirt with Ryan Phillips putting the color in her hair.

Recently I said that sometimes pizza is the only answer. I would like to add that sometimes listening to music really loudly is the only answer. The answer may change day by day you just have to be open to it.

This summer I have eaten my weight in watermelon. I am not kidding. Eaten my weight in watermelon.

Day #1 wearing my new bra and I am not complaining.

Dear Julieth, I already miss your love and light. Love, Me

Dear Julieth,
I already miss your love and light.

Julieth left for home today. We already miss her. She was such a bright light in The Thinker’s life and I will miss the love and laughter she so happily gave to him. We are hoping she will be back before Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Since I began my “keeping my head above water” journey I have been able to walk away from some of my trigger foods. When you are a food addict (let’s call a spade a spade) you know which foods can lead you down a dark road. I have been very successful in having one piece of cake and even 6 Cadbury Mini Eggs and walking away. I was satisfied. There is only one thing that I do not think I could handle. My beloved Candy Corn. Nope, I don’t think I can do it. I fear that if I eat one piece I will wake up the next morning on a corner under a broken street lamp curled up in a fetal position with an empty bag of Brach’s Candy Corn (the best) crumpled in my hand with no recollection of how I got there. Nope, not going to do it. This is going to be hard.

Dear Candy Corn, I miss you. Love,  Me
Dear Candy Corn,
I miss you.

Speaking of my journey I am so DAMN CLOSE to a goal I never thought I would achieve. The one thing I have realized is that this whole thing is not about the numbers (but I am still in love with my cholesterol number of 157!) but I would love to hit this goal number just once. I am sooooooo close. I am thinking that maybe this is it, maybe my body is saying this is where you are going to be happiest but I am not ready to give up the fight. In my head I wanted to be at this goal by Sept. 17. It was a personal challenge in regards to all that has kept me underwater. So, I promise not to be disappointed if I do not hit the number by the 17th. I will be grateful for how far I have come. I will acknowledge that my head is above water (most days) and I will be happy BUT I have 15 more days to reach this goal and I am ready to give it the best I can to GET it done!

Again, today may be Tuesday but it is Monday so do not be fooled.

Triple P went to Washington this weekend and all she brought back for me was dirty laundry. What?

The Saint came to Market Basket with me yesterday and we both made fools of ourselves. I kissed all of my favorite produce and danced in the aisle when I found my favorite brand of Farro. The Saint walked around shaking the employees hands and thanking them for sticking it out. Thank goodness we left before Artie T got  there. I don’t think either one of us could have handled it.

 Speaking of food. I have two new favorites.

Thank You, Lisa!

Thank You, Lisa!

  This little piece of heaven is only 1 Weight watchers point per wedge. Come on! You could eat it by itself but it is delicious on a Pumpkin Spice Eggo. Totally worth the 5 points. Thank You to Lisa Caponigro for finding it for me!

Proof God loves me.
Proof God loves me.


 And this my friends is like hitting the jackpot! Pumpkin Pie Spice Peanut Butter. Are your FREAKING kidding me!!!! One tablespoon is 2 weight watchers points. I have been eating it on a slice of Ezekhiel bread for a total of 4 points. Pumpkin Perfection!

Just to put it in perspective about 8 pieces of  my beloved Candy Corn is 3 points. Not nearly enough for me. The above newly discovered treats taste like Fall, are filling and worth their point value. That is just my humble opinion but trust me,  I know what I am talking about!

Why is it always about the food with me?

Don’t answer that.

Happy Tuesday that is really a Monday!