Sick Day

Sick Day

I am sick. I do not do sick well. I want to take something and just be better. I am not a good patient.

I was thinking about how nice sick days were when we were little. Staying home from school, a comfy makeshift bed on the couch, soup on a TV tray. Remember TV trays? I wonder if people still use them. I do…for lots of things. The best part of sick days was having Mom all to myself. One sick day really stands out for me. Mom had taken me to the Doctor for yet another ear infection and we had stopped to pick up my medicine from Franklin Drug Store. I loved that place. It was a real Drug Store with a lunch counter  and all sorts of odds and ends. I waited in the car for Mom. When she came out she waved to me and then walked into A. Kamin’s 5 and 10  store next door. I sat in the car waiting and wondering why she was running errands when I was so sick. Just when I was about to really lose it I saw my Mom in the window of the store holding something up to show me. She was holding Batman Colorforms! Batman was my favorite show at that moment. I had a huge crush on Boy Wonder! I clapped my hands and Mom smiled. When we got home she made me a bed on the couch, gave me my medicine, fed me pasta with eggs and set up the TV tray so I could play with my colorforms. A perfect sick day.

Nobody bought me colorforms today.

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