Teach your children well………….

What about what your children teach you? I am so proud of mine at this very moment. I am an awe of their courage and their abilities to just get things done. Get ‘er done! They are so much more accomplished and poised and confident than I was at this age. Hell, I am still not the person I thought I would be and they are so on their way. Marissa is so brave. She has traveled and experienced more in her 21 years than I have in 49. She has a passport for Christ sake. I panic for days thinking about driving the same route I have driven for 30 years. Mario has overcome so much and is so sure of what is right and wrong. My whole life is gray. He creates this healing light and despite whatever demons he has he tries everyday to bring that light into his and our life. It is not always this way. There are days I want to sell them both to the Gypsy’s . Hell, I would give them away but today, this morning, as they head out into the real world I am not only proud of them I am in awe of them and they have taught me so much.

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