I like jewelry. Do you like jewelry? I really like jewelry with a history. I love looking at a piece of my jewelry and remembering who gave it to me and why. I especially love the jewelry I have that belonged to family members and have been passed down. My most treasured items are my Grandfathers watch and the baby shoe charm that hung on my Grandmother’s charm bracelet. I asked my Aunt for something of my Grandmothers to wear on my wedding day and she gave me a pendant with mine and my sister’s birthstones on it. I pinned it to the inside of my dress. After the wedding I went to give it back to my Aunt and she told me I could keep it. I treasure it. I don’t wear these pieces often but once in awhile I take them out of my jewelry box and hold them in the palm of my hand and just remember.

I love jewelry I receive as gifts. My charm bracelets bring back specific memories and moments that will never be forgotten. I love that my friend, Lisa, began a charm bracelet for me that represents the ocean because she knows how much I love it. A piece of jewelry was recently returned to me that I had given to a friend and every time I wear it I think about what that friendship means to me almost 30 years later. I adore my pearls because I remember my Dad pulling them from his pocket and presenting them to me the night before my High School Graduation.

I have my eyes on one last piece of jewelery I would love to add to my collection.My Mom wore a gold pendant with her Zodiac sign on it for most of my youth. It was her favorite for years and years. I have made it perfectly clear to my sisters that one day I want that necklace to be mine. (Did you hear that Andi!). You would think I would want her kick ass diamond but honestly the necklace brings me more comfort. And when I hold it in the palm of my hand I will be with my Mother.

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