Christmas Ornaments……..

Christmas Ornaments……..

Some people (Eduardo) are giving me grief for putting my tree up too early. I agree that Christmas decorations in the stores before Halloween and music on the radio before Thanksgiving are wrong but It’s never too early for my Christmas Tree and there are only two reason why; the ornaments and during the toddler years, my sanity.We started putting up our Christmas tree when the kids were little. It was actually an act derived form sheer desperation. Marissa and Mario would get so excited for Thanksgiving dinner and be so happy to see everyone, eat, play and add to the chaos that when the day started to slow down they were still going full speed. It might have had something to do with all the pie they had eaten. So one Thanksgiving, I can not remember which one, I said “I know,  let’s decorate” and a new tradition was born. In hindsight I should have said “I know, you two run around outside and Mommy will drink” but I was all hopped up on Stove Top stuffing and not thinking clearly.

As they got older and we had collected more and more ornaments for the tree the tradition became even more special. Every ornament  unwrapped and hung was like visiting a cherished memory or a great vacation. The kids would get so excited to see the ornaments they had made through the years. They enjoyed finding the vacation ornaments and reminiscing about the trips we had taken. I let Marissa pick out the star on top of our tree when she was 2 years old. Again, in hindsight I should have waited until she was out of her twinkle,glittery, everything has to sparkle stage but every time I think about replacing it with something a little more shall we say less “Ghetto” I see her sweet little face the first time she saw it FLASHING on top of the tree. It remains.  Our tree is far form perfect and has many imperfections… kind of like us…. but I  would not change a thing. I love our tree.






My favorite ornaments. The photo on the left are ornaments made by Marissa and Mario. Riss made the silver macaroni one in Kindergarten. Mario made the Gingerbread Man. He has been missing a leg for years.Treasures. I have put the name cards in the photo on the right on the tree every year since 1987 when The Saint and I got married. We attended a party the weekend we got back from our honeymoon and it was the first time I had seen my married name on something. The noisemakers are from the first New Years Eve we spent together in 1985. I think that may have been the first and last year The Saint took me out on New Years Eve. The elf ornaments were bought for the tree the years Marissa and Mario were born. I love our tree.


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  1. So, your ‘tradition’ of starting to celebrate one holiday before the other is even over, rushing the latter and marginalizing the former, was started because you were not thinking clearly and did make the wise choice? Was there any debate on that? 😉 No worries, I still love you. You are still, obviously, wrong in doing so though.

    • Ha! It was to perverse my Sanity! If I remember correctly your Godson was running around in circles and The Saint was napping. I had to do something! Decorating seemed wiser than sending him out to play in traffic.

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