What I am thinking right now……..

What I am thinking right now……..

The first of December!


Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!


I love everything about Christmas


I love my Christmas tree. The best is at night when the tree is lit and the rest of the house is dark. I love the twinkling lights.

Sometimes I love that the tree is in the kitchen and I can enjoy it all day but sometimes it annoys me. That is for another post.


I love shopping for presents, wrapping presents and giving presents.


What I really love is getting presents.


Nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect gift for someone.


Christmas Cards! I love going to my mailbox and seeing Christmas Cards mixed in with the bills (I hate you Sallie Mae) and the junk mail.I love reading the cards and for a moment being with the people I miss and love. Photo cards send me over the edge! I love seeing the people I miss and Love.


Princess Pissy Pants and Fitness Freak no longer allow me to send Photo Christmas Cards. I miss buying them matching outfits and trying to get the perfect picture. They do not.


I Love, Love, Love Christmas Carols. Except The Twelve Days of Christmas. Who ever thought all those birds were a good present better have gotten a gift receipt.


I just googled and the song has religious symbolism and now I feel badly I do not like it. I will listen to it differently next time.


Speaking of which, it makes me laugh when people go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and Easter. I can appreciate the tradition of it but not the hypocrisy.


I love seeing all the houses decorated. The cheesier the better.


Hot Chocolate and Fluff.


The Hallmark movies and 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family.


The movie White Christmas.I love the scene when the Soldiers all return to pay tribute to their former General. I cry every time.


I love Santa’s at the Mall. I want to sit on his lap.Nothing creepy about that.


Children,especially their faces. All the excitement of the holidays are always reflected in their faces.


Our Christmas stockings are our Christmas treasures made for us with love by Nana Gallant. The Christmas we received them as gifts made us feel part of their family. Treasures.


Did I mention I love presents?


The Noise In My Head…………..






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