The night before Marissa’s graduation.

Andi and me wearing our Grandfather’s gardening hats.

My sister Andi, who has always been my biggest supporter and best friend, read my Blog and said she loved it but could I please mention her more. Which made me laugh and got me thinking. So here is what I am thinking about my beloved sister Andi right now.


She is always there for me. Always. No questions asked and sometimes even before I realize I need her.


She has shared my happiest times and the darkest.


She makes me laugh.


She spoils me rotten


We shared a room until I was in High School and I would torture her every night by looking under my bed and then telling her the monster must be under her bed.


She can roll her stomach like a Belly Dancer.


She is the best Aunt. In a kind of “Auntie Mame” way.


When I went away to High School she would often come and visit me.


We went to the same college where I was the responsible Resident Advisor and she got into trouble. I seem to remember a “Boot” on my car, a champagne infused first night on campus and a boyfriend being hidden in a closet. Sound familiar?


She makes me do things out of my comfort zone.Once at Disney World she convinced me to ride Space Mountain. She told me I would not get scared or feel sick and would love it. Just as we got to the front of the line she said “Wait, this is not the ride I was thinking of. I think you are going to hate this!”. We were laughing so hard I do not remember the ride.


She still sleeps with her baby blanket.


She once ripped the head off of my favorite doll because I ripped the above mentioned much-loved baby blanket.


When we go away she always brags that all she need is a carry on and picks on me for checking a suitcase. Then she wears all of my clothes.


She once told a teacher that was worried she was not making friends “I don’t need friends I have my sisters!”.


She took me to Las Vegas to meet Donny Osmond.


Whenever a dance party breaks out in the kitchen she always does “the Bump” with me.


She hoards Cadbury Mini Eggs for me.


When we went skiing in Colorado and my leg was in a cast she sat out every other run so I would have company.


She takes such good care of our Mom.


Mom followed her to Colorado. Clearly Andi is the favorite.


When I was in middle school she called a boy I liked to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance and pretended she was me  because I was too chicken to do it myself.


She stole all the boys I liked.


When I had knee surgery and was home in bed she had Mono and was home in bed as well. She was mobile and I was not. Mom made her empty my bed pan. She is still resentful.


She always “Called” being Marcia, Ginger and Laurie when we watched TV. I had to be Jan, Mary Ann and who ever the smallest Partridge was……Tracey?


She was awarded Choice Hotel Inc’s. Woman of the Year. I called her WOTY (Woman of the Year) which made me SOA (Sister of Andi). It also made me very proud.


We were born one year and 23 days apart. Our Pediatrician called us his “Irish Twins”. Andi really thought we were twins. She told someone once “We are twins but we were not born on the same day!” Nice.


Her full name is Andria Maria Veronica DeLucia . For some reason I like to call her this in a sing song voice.


She may be my younger sister but she has taught me so much.


The Noise In My Head (Which is often quieted by Andi).

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  1. This post is awesome. I know you both are well aware of how fortunate you both are.
    Tears in my eyes, laughter in my heart.
    Lucky in Love….Ha!

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