What I am thinking right now………

What I am thinking right now………
Figgy Pudding.

Figgy Pudding.

1. I am a Mother which means I have been worried ever since I peed on a stick and it changed color.

2. What exactly is Figgy Pudding and would I like it?

3. I just googled Figgy Pudding and I think I would like it.

4. How do I let my children walk out the door and continue to breathe until they are safely home?

5. Does it ever get easier?

6. I am so grateful the Holiday Concert is today. I need to see the students singing and celebrating.

7. Oh My God, the Holiday Concert is today. Our school will be filled with people. How do we let the children celebrate while we are filled with the fear of evil that may or may not be among us.

8. Is there enough Fluff in this world to make me feel better?

9. I wonder if Fluff would taste good on Figgy Pudding.

10.The weather reflects how we are all feeling.

The Noise In My Head………………………………

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  1. Know that a) thee are always crazy people out there. But most get help or are stopped prior to hurting anyone. We will never be able to protect everyone we love from everything that can happen. Thankfully though, actions like this are so rare and so uncommon that worrying about it is like worrying about being hit by lightning. Go on with your day, have fun, enjoy your classrooms, the kids, and your family. xoxo

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