I have a cold. Alert the Media.

I have a cold. Alert the Media.

kleenex-tissues-cool-touchI have a cold. Not just any cold but the kind of cold that hits you like a Mack truck and then reverses to drive over you again. I am not being dramatic. It’s the truth. I can not breathe out of my nostrils which leaves super pretty mouth breathing. So, even though I do not feel well I can not see wasting an entire day so this is my plan…….

1. Take the longest, hottest shower.

2. Creep on Facebook.

3.Text with my friend Jennifer all day. She is in California and I am here but we like to keep in touch all day long.

4. Shop online.

5. Send Brittany Spears a sympathy note. Her engagement has been called off. Did not see that one coming.

6. Read.

7. Downton Abbey.

8.Call my sisters.

9.Accept Get Well presents.

10. Remind you all to bring me a Get Well present.

The Noise In My Head. ……(I have a cold).

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