Example of handwriting with gold penDo you know what I miss? I miss letters. I miss writing, sending, receiving and reading letters. I enjoy the convenience of texting and email but I love letters. I love the whole process of picking the stationary, putting thoughts on paper and hoping that the person I am sending it to realizes that I have put much more than just the sheet of paper into the envelope before sealing it. I love letters. Somebody please send me one and I promise to send one back.

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  1. Just this morning, I was going through a box of letters, that my grandmother wrote me. When she passed away, my mother gave me a box from her condo, it was filled with all the letters that I had sent her. When I was young it was our thing to write in our prettiest penmanship, on our prettiest stationary, to each other! I decided to take some pretty stationary and write her a letter. In my letter I told her how she would be so disappointed how nobody writes to each other anymore and how sad I was that I did not buy pretty stationary anymore for my Go-Go Grandmother! I brought my letter and a cup of coffee to the cemetary and read it to her. I miss my Go-Go Grandmother and I miss writing letters!

  2. I completley agree. Emails and texts don’t get passed down for hundreds of years, they don’t get stored in shoeboxes or in attics. They just aren’t the same.

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