I received a letter!

I received a letter!


letterHow much do I love my friends? The answer would be so, so very much! I just wrote a post about how much I love letters and would some one please send me one. I received a letter today! My friend, Debbie, sent me the sweetest letter. I love it! Debbie is my friend, neighbor and Mother of  Tessa, the smartiest girl I know.  Is it any wonder Tessa turned out as amazing as she did with a Mother that answers her friends wishes and whims with such love and humor? So, not only am I lucky enough to receive a letter but it will be kept in my letter box as a constant reminder of how much I value her friendship and her baby girl. Thank You Debbie. Love you. I got a letter!

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  1. I love you too……a letter is such a small thing to send to someone who means as much as you do to me. Keep writing….I like the Noise in Your Head…..

    • Hello Mrs. Tyman,

      Yes Tessa and I are doing OK. It was nice to hear that you are also a fan of Janet’s blog.

      Tessa and I hope you are well.

      And I did indeed receive a letter back from Janet on very nice stationery.



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