Dennis, Angelina and Drums.

Dennis, Angelina and Drums.

This morning I was thinking about Angelina and how proud I am of her and her musical ability. Angelina is music. She sees it , plays it, feels it, sings it, writes it and lives it. I was remembering how her first real exposure to music was learning to play the drums. I think she may have had some piano lessons before being introduced to drumming but there was something about putting drumsticks into that little girls hands that opened up a whole beautiful world of music to her. She loved playing the drums. There was only one other person I knew who enjoyed drumming as much and that was Dennis. When he was lost in thought, listening to music or even just talking to you his fingers and hands were usually tapping out a beat only he could hear. He loved that Angelina was playing drums and came to see one of her showcases at Zumix with us. I sat sort of to the side of the stage because Angelina was so small you could not see her over the drums. I wanted to see her. As she was playing I glanced over at Dennis and sure enough his hands were drumming along with hers. I looked back and forth between them and their hands were drumming the exact same beat and both of them were smiling. I remember feeling grateful and happy that I was there in that moment  sharing their joy of drumming. Every time I watch Angelina perform her magic I feel Dennis in my heart and see him in my mind beside her… drumming his fingers and keeping the beat.

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  1. That was beautiful. It is funny I think of him too when I hear her. I wish they could have played together but am greatful he was able to see her perform.

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