Thoughts on The Blizzard of 2013

Thoughts on The Blizzard of 2013
I love my neighborhood!

I love my neighborhood!

I do  not remember having any worries during the Blizzard of ’78 other than will we run out of  M&M’s.Being an adult makes a Blizzard not as much fun,

I wore the comfy clothes I have on all weekend. Why bother changing into PJ’s just to put the same clothes back on again in the morning.

Amanda and I are too pretty and delicate to shovel.

For some reason watching everybody else shovel makes me incredibly hungry.

I never ran out of milk, eggs or bread. Thank God.

“Blizzard eating” has no calories. You need the extra calories to keep warm. Fact.

After being snowbound in your house with your family you are automatically forgiven of anything you say after the 68th hour.

I watched 5 movies in 3 days.

I organized Donny’s clothes by season. I was bored.

I read in 3 different magazines that Demi Moore is doing the best she has been since her divorce from Ashton. Good to know.

Many retail websites offered “Blizzard” promotions. Thank You.

I loaded and emptied the dishwasher 6 times in 3 days. What?!?

According to Lucky, InStyle and People Style Watch Magazine Pastels are going to be the color for spring. Nice.

We have 16 teaspoons. I counted.

Just found out school is cancelled for tomorrow. I am losing my mind.

The Noise In My Head ( and it is full of snow)…………………………









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