Rex Reed

Rex Reed

Shame on you Rex Reed. Shame on you. I do not even know Melissa McCarthy but am offended by your comments as a Woman, Mom and frankly…..a human being. You are paid to give your mediocre opinion on another persons acting job…..I stress their job……because that is the only part of their lives you should be commenting on. To attack a woman for her size and to use such derogatory terms in doing so is small-minded, cruel and frankly speaks volumes about your character and your creditability as a critic. In reading your “review” I kept thinking to myself “Did a 14-year-old boy write this Sh*t?”. I never really understood the job of a critic. Really, how can one judge someone’s performance having never been in their shoes? I suppose you are paid to give your opinion, good or bad, on their job NOT their person. Does that make sense? I kept reading it and thinking to myself “Why is he being so mean?”. You did not critique her acting ability you picked on her appearance and in  a mean and derogatory way. In my opinion that makes you a Bully! Shame on you. I am not sure if your Mother is still alive but if she is not let me just say to you …Mr. Reed, you have disappointed her. I am sure she did not raise a Bully. I think Melissa’s actor friend Eric Stonestreet said it best in his response to your review:

Eric Stonestreet@ericstonestreet

Turns out, Rex Reed didn’t die sad and alone 10 years ago. Nope. He’s alive and starving for attention, so lets give him some.

I hope millions of people give you all the attention you deserve and call you out for what you are……..A Bully. Shame on you Mr. Reed, Shame on you.

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