Music Man.

Music Man.


OK, kind of long story. Jakey Boom Boom loves Elizabeth. We all love Elizabeth. Elizabeth has a brother, Will. Since Will is related to my beloved Elizabeth and shares her genes I automatically love Will.  Will is a Music Man and pretty awesome. He belongs to this really cool band called Barefoot Truth . Recently he worked really hard and created a pretty special CD of his own. It is called Wishin’ Well. It  is available now on Itunes.  I am not the only one that thinks Will’s CD is fantastically awesome. Interview Magazine thought the CD being dropped  (music lingo I am not cool enough to use but when I am ever going to be able to use it again? ) was news. Check this out.11296_10151488483590269_2138561364_n

Here is a video shot when he was working on the album. Love this song. “Life is a Photograph”.

You can follow Will here and here.

So, I hope you all take a moment and listen to Will’s music and even better download it and listen to it over and over again. Better yet  go see him perform. You can tell him that Elizabeth’s boyfriend Jake’s Aunt sent you to see him. He will not be impressed. Well, maybe you could mention that I used the term “dropped” when referring to his CD and that may up my cool factor. Anyhow……go see him. You will be happy you did.

The Noise In My Head (and it is full of Will’s music)

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