G’s Birthday.

G’s Birthday.
"G" rocking a halter during the groovy 70's

“G” rocking a halter during the groovy 70’s

Today is Georjan’s Birthday. Even though it is hard for me to celebrate other peoples Birthday I would like to point out that she is OLDER than me and Thank God she was not a leap year baby because than she would be younger than me. I usually like to post one thing for every year the Birthday person has celebrated but given her age and that I do not have all day here are a few highlights.

Her family nicknames are Masty and Poo Poo Picasso. Buy me a drink and I will give you the origins of the latter nickname. Hell, just ask and I will gladly share the details.

She likes Chocolate Chip Cookies without the chocolate chips.

She has the best friends.

Georjan loves Sunflowers.

She used to kiss frogs, Real frogs not boys you kiss hoping they turn into a Prince. Though she kissed a lot of those as well. Just ask…..I will be happy to give away the details.

The Beach is her happy place.

She once dressed Jake in sandals with socks. I have still not recovered.

She is a Flower Child at heart.

She is named after our Mother (Janet) and our Father (George) I love her name.

She brought Jake and Sambella into the world and really…..isn’t that enough?

Happy Birthday “G”. Love you.

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  1. Oh, and I like chocolate chip cookies without the chips! My have. I don’t get the ‘More chips in every bite’ attitude. I don’t want candy, I want cookies. With lots of brown sugar in them. Go Masty!

  2. thank you JDC thank you verrrrrrrrrrry much. Love you & your siblings…….my singing,dancin’ & well written sbs sistaforever !!!!!!!!

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