Bad Mommy.

Bad Mommy.

freddy krugerI am such a bad mother. I admit that now that Triple P is 23 and The Thinker is 20 I do not always wait up for them to come home at night. Clearly I need my beauty sleep. When Princess Pissy Pants works the night shift at the hospital her shift ends at 11:30. At that time I have usually been asleep for at least an hour. In my defense after years of waiting up for them to come home I am not in deep sleep but “Mommy” sleep which means I can hear a key enter the door lock at any given moment. I keep my phone on the Nightstand and she texts me when she leaves work.  I open one eye to read that she is on her way and then roll over to sleep again. Last night I got the usual “Headed Home” text and I was grateful because it was nasty out and I just wanted her home. About 30 minutes later she sent another text that said she had blown a tire on a pothole  and was waiting for Triple A which they said it could be a 90 minute wait. Anyone that knows me knows that I have an over active imagination and I instantly had visions of Freddy Kruger showing up to change her tire with Jason driving the tow truck. I have never gotten dressed so  fast in my life. I got to her quickly despite the snow. Triple A was already there. The man they sent was super nice and more like a Young Freddie Prinze Jr. than Freddy Kruger. So, by 1:00 am we were home and safe and sound. But, I am thinking that my running to her rescue kind of makes up for the fact that I do not wait up for her to come home at night. I am also thinking that  since The Saint slept through the whole thing  that kind of makes me Mother of the Year. On behalf of sleepy mothers everywhere I accept the title.

The Noise In My Head (and it is saying I hope there is a crown to go with that title!).

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  1. Miss Janet, in my eyes, you ARE mother of the year!!! Like I’ve said in the past, your children are so fortunate….I know the realize that!!

  2. Tell Triple P to call me next time. She is right near here and I could have either fixed the flat or waited with her in my car. Don’t be so foolish, either of you, again.

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