45672_10200113042082999_1037851832_nToday is the first day of spring. It is also the day I have to write the student loan payment check so I officially hate the 20th of every month but that is a different post. I am looking forward to spring not because it is my favorite but because I really do not like winter. My preference goes in this order; Fall, Summer, Spring,Winter. I woke up this morning listening to the tires crunch on the icy streets outside my bedroom window and I tried to focus on what I was looking forward to most about spring. I only came up with 5 things. Cadbury Mini Eggs, Longer Days, Flowers, Nordstrom’s Triple Points and April Vacation. So, I am wondering……What does Spring mean to you?

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  1. What does Spring mean to me? Maybe getting tickets to the Battle Rounds on “The Voice” and another chance to see Adam!

  2. Spring means Winter is dead and every day gets better than the one previous until September. It means New Orleans’ Jazzfest is coming up soon. Shorts, sandals, no coats. Longer days, more time outside, and cooking (and eating) outdoors. Driving with the windows down and / or the top off. Trees starting to bud and bloom and breezes through the trees instead of howling winds through the bare ones.

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