Market Basket Love Story

Market Basket Love Story

heartI dragged myself to Market Basket after school today dreading every minute I would have to spend there. The store was crowded as expected and I grabbed my cart ready to do battle and get my shopping done as quickly as possible without hurting anyone in the process. I kept running into (not literally) the same elderly couple in each aisle. The woman was pushing the carriage shuffling her feet and keeping her head bowed. The gentleman was doing the shopping, reaching for the items and placing them gently in the cart. I noticed that he kept up a running conversation with the woman but she was not answering. Because I kept seeing them I observed that the woman was not responding and even though her head was bowed down she kept her eyes glued to the gentleman. He kept pointing things out to her and asking her questions he then answered himself. At one point I caught his eye and he smiled and nodded. The next aisle I saw them in was the cereal aisle. The gentleman caught my eye and asked me if I could reach a box of Grape Nuts for him. I pushed my cart out of the way and said “I would be happy to, which kind do you want?”. He looked at his wife and said “Sweetheart, which do you want today the flakes or the nuggets?”. We both looked to the woman and she just kept her eyes on her husband with a slight smile on her face. He answered “I think the nuggets today. Let’s shake things up”. I handed him the box and he said “Thank you Miss”.(I love that he called me Miss!) He then added ” I believe she can hear me and I like to include her in the decisions”. I said “I absolutely agree and Thank You”. As I finished my shopping I could not help but think of the couple and  a song from Les Mis popped into my head. It is at the very end as Jean Valjean is dying he is singing about Cosette and he says “To love someone is to see the face of God”. I know that as I am counting my blessings and thinking about miracles and faith this Easter I will be thinking of the gentleman and his beloved wife.

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  1. So sweet! Good for you for taking the time to notice and appreciate their sweetness. We rush around so often and we are oblivious. Count all our blessings and Happy Easter!

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