Me and Sally Field

Me and Sally Field

Sally FieldOk you guys…..Here comes an appeal for you to like me. I feel like Sally Field!
“You like me, right now, you like me!” I have almost 6,000 hits on the blog. Amazing! Suffice it to say that 5,500 of them are me constantly checking in and  399 of the hits are my Mom but that leaves a few of you that stop by  every once in a while to see what is in my crazy head. I like sharing with you. I appreciate you coming by for a visit. Could I ask a favor of you? Could you follow me? Well,not literally follow me around because you would be bored completely out of your mind plus I would have to shower and put on real clothes not my everyday “Cleaning Clothes” , but could you follow the blog? All you have to do is enter your email and then accept the notification that is sent to your inbox. I would really like to know who is reading the blog and who is not because then I could call those people and yell at them…….

I am including the links to the Blogs that I follow that  always make me laugh, enlighten me, inspire me and make me want to be a nicer person. I hope that you will follow them as well, you will not regret it, but follow me first!

Happy Spring!

Vanilla Sugar Blog



The Pioneer Woman

The Noise In My Head…..(And it is screaming “Please LIKE ME!).

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  1. I’ve “clicked” and “clacked” several times so I “think” I am following you! If I’m not,let me know, and I’ll try “clicking/clacking” again!

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