Dear Pablo

Dear Pablo

PabloDear Pablo,

When I went to bed last night my head was filled with you and all the other students and worried about how the Boston Marathon Bombings were affecting all of you. I was worried that you all would be fearful and even worse paralyzed by the evil that invaded so close to home. Then I remembered how all of you comforted us, the adults, after The Sandy Hook School shootings just by being your usual goofy selves. Never once for a single moment did I think that while I was worried about tragedy that you had only heard bout an actual tragic event was taking you away from us. Never did I think I would not see your silly smile when I walked into school today. Never did I think I would long to have the chance to say to you once again “Pablo, please stop talking”. Never did I think that I would not see you shine on the stage as the Giant in this years drama production. I was not surprised when you told me that you had already memorized your lines.  Never did I think that you would no longer be bothering me for books and adding to your “Books to Read” pile. Never did I think we would finally have a Book Fair, you had been begging for a Book Fair, and you would not be here to benefit from it. Never did I think that I would pull your well read and often borrowed book on Greek Mythology from the bookshelves and hold it in my arms thinking that you had held this exact same book. By the way, I am taking the book home and keeping it is a reminder of you. You, precious boy, signed the book out 6 times! Never did I think for one single minute that I would not watch you dance at the 5th grade dance and walk across the stage at the moving on ceremony.Never did I think that you would not grow up to the be the amazing young man I thought you would be.I always believed you would make a wonderful lawyer. You loved to think things through from all sides and you loved to talk! I will never read any of the Classics for Young Adults again and not think of your excitement in discovering these “New, Old Stories”,your name for them. Never did I think that you would be taken from us at the age of 10. Never. Of all the terrible thoughts I had last night this is the one terrible thing I could never have imagined in all my worse imaginings. Never.

I Miss You,

Mrs. Cimmino.

April 22, 2013

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  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of Pablo. It’s really true, you never think that one of our students could be taken at such a young age. Stay Strong for all the others Janet and teach them how to honor and respect each other. Xoxo hope to see you soon.

  2. I’ve never met you, Janet, nor Pablo, but I read your piece and feel that I know about you both. I think you were lucky to have your paths cross. Pablo certainly impacted your life and my bet is that his was, by you.

  3. Just finally catching up and going back over your blog to see what I missed. Sorry for your losing your young friend, and for the community’s loss. There are few things sadder than the loss of young life and all the potential it held.

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