Notes from a Book Fair

Notes from a Book Fair

Things I have learned at Book Fair;


The student’s money is always crumpled and sticky.


In every class there is one student that pays entirely in nickels and pennies.


I had to say more than once “There is no crying at Book Fair!”.


Every 5th grade boy wants to buy a poster of a Ferrari, not a book.


If the student gets 86 cents in change they are going to ask “What can I buy for 86 cents?”.


The “Moms” are amazing volunteers.


I get excited at the sight of so many books. Sad but true.


Pete The Cat and His Groovy Buttons is an awesome book.


Pablo was with us in spirit. We sold out of Greek Mythology books (his favorite).


I can not explain State Tax to an 8 year old and make sense of why he still owes 63 cents to pay for things like snow removal. I kind of understand how they feel.


I can eat donuts all day long and still be hungry.


When you least expect it the universe can surprise you.


I would do it all again…… year.


I would add a picture of Pete the Cat but I still do not know how to add pictures from my iPad.


The Noise In My Head (and it is filled with little kids voices saying “Mrs. Cimmino, how much is this? Do I have enough money?)







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    • Some of my Third graders have been loving the I Survived Series. We also have a group reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together. It’s funny, they are all over the place.

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