Bless this house….This messy, messy house.

Bless this house….This messy, messy house.

Last night when I got home after being out of the house for about 12 hours I walked into a mess. It had been a trying day so it would have been very easy to let myself get angry. I didn’t which was surprising for me, Instead I found myself grateful and the chaos even brought a smile to my face. I looked around and this is what I thought…………………

There was bread, a knife and a tomato on the counter. This meant The Thinker had eaten something. He was full and he was happy.

Princess Pissy Pant left her Straightener, or as I like to refer to it “The Reason She Lives”, on the back of the couch. This meant she was felling better and after 2 days of resting her aching back she was out and with friends.

The mail was in a pile on the table. This meant The Saint had not gone through the mail which is a good thing because he has no idea why we get mail and what I do with it. When he does try to sort it he throws away the bills and saves the stuff with pictures on it i.e. Junk Mail.

There was a new book by the coffee machine which meant The Thinker had finished another book and at some point tomorrow I am going to have to hear all about it.

The Television was on and nobody was watching it. I actually like this. I keep the TV on all the time. I like mindless noise.

Jack was sitting on The Thinker’s backpack. I have no idea why he always does this but he does.I think The Thinker purposely leaves the backpack on the table so Jack can sit on it. The Thinker loves Jack and this makes me happy.

Jack and The Backpack

Jack and The Backpack

The list, and by list I mean the millions of pieces of paper with scribbles on them, of things to do for the play were strewn all over my computer but more things were crossed off than not AND THIS MAKES ME HAPPY and very relieved.

As usual the kitchen floor was dirty but it made me think of all the people I love walking in and out of the house. I love them even if they do not how to stop for one moment and wipe their feet when there is a Monsoon outside.

When I went into the bathroom the plunger was in the sick. This actually did not make me happy but at least I was not home when it was used which means nobody asked me to fix the problem!

The account book was still on the counter from the few moments I had this morning to pay bills. I use The Thinkers toy Playschool calculator ( They spell it Playskool but that makes me crazy). He bought it with his own money when he was 3 and I use it balance the checkbook. This makes paying bills more cheerful and even makes little musical sounds when you hit the keys.

Paying bills is fun.

Paying bills is fun.

I saw the shopping bag in the corner with the shoes I just bought waiting to be put away. This makes me happy!

The junk drawer was left open (how hard is it to shut a drawer?) and when I went to close it I saw the Stacy’s chips which reminded me we had Olive Tapenade Hummus in the fridge that I am eating right now as I write this.


Some days I walk in and all I see is the mess. Occasionally I am blessed enough to walk and see all that I have to be grateful for.



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  1. Janet you’re right! It’s just reframing, that’s what Tony Robbins would say 😀 And I love Jack sitting on Mario’s backpack, he loves him so much.

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