August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

Do you see this stool? This stool sitting in my backyard? Well, this stool was returned to me on or about June 30th. I asked The Saint to bring it in and down to the basement. This picture was taken today, August 13th, and the stool is in exact the same place it has been in since June 30th. I have been to Colorado, New York and Atlanta and each time I come home I am shocked and surprised to see the chair EXACTLY where it was placed on JUNE 30th! I know a lot of you, especially my dear friend Ed White, is thinking “Janet, if you want the stool brought down to the basement so badly why don’t you just do it yourself?”. I will tell you why, BECAUSE I ASKED THE SAINT TO DO IT ON OR ABOUT JUNE 30th!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me????? Every time I see the chair I am reminded of this Everybody Loves Raymond episode. You know, the one with the suitcase that sat on the stairs because Ray refused to bring it upstairs. Well, Debra Barone is my Patron Saint and I  AM NOT BRINGING THE STOOL TO THE BASEMENT! The end.

P.S. It is raining today. I wonder how many days it has rained since June 30th.

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  1. I’m betting he (or MIL) is sitting on that chair when they are out in the yard…it looks exactly like a chair that MIL would enjoy sitting on when she is talking to the Saint!

  2. Janet you are a gifted writer and I adore reading your blogs! I love that you are a teacher as I hold all of you wonderful angels in the highest regard! My son is a special ed teacher to children with autism and I am in awe of him on a daily basis. I just retired from my job as a para to autistic students and will miss them terribly!

    The summer is flying by and I hope you get to enjoy the rest of it! Please keep writing! I love your blogs!!


  3. You won’t do it because you asked him to do it? Why did you ask him to do it?

    He does so much already. Hopefully, as you were asking ‘Louie, can you take this to the basement?” he was thinking “Eventually. I bust my hump every day and I’ll take it on the next day that I have as little to do as my lovely wife and kids do.” Not likely as he is the Saint and probably just forgot about it as he is so worn out, but hopefully. 😉

    PS If its there when I pick up my car in the body shop I am going to steal it, just for fun.

    • Ummmmm, Zip it and I think you told him about the post because he came home and brought it right to the basement. Confess, it was you!

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