What I am thinking right now…….

What I am thinking right now…….

I survived my first week of school!


And just like that Friday’s are wonderful and looked forward to again.


Thank you Jimmy Fallon for reuniting Jesse and the Rippers.



I have developed Allergies at the age of 51. I don’t think that is fair. I think that by the age of 50 you should be free of things like allergies and acne. I mean come on, shouldn’t there be some sort of consolation prize for turning 51 like “Hey, I know your body is doing all sorts of weird sh*t but at least you are past the point of allergies and acne?”. Seriously.

That being said THANK YOU BABY JESUS for Zyrtec. Suddenly their commercials all make sense to me!

Thank You Baby Jesus!

Thank You Baby Jesus!

I can not believe I am 51.

I keep thinking of this following conversation I had with a First Grader on the first day of school.

Me: “Douglas, did you do your Summer Reading?”

Douglas: ‘No, I was giving my brain a break”

Me: “A break from what?”

Douglas: “It was full of all the stories you read to me when I was in Kindergarten!”.

I love this. I love that his brain is full of the stories I read to him. I do hope that at some point his brain has room for more stories.

I am 51. Sheesh.

Getting ready to enjoy my favorite time of the year. I hope Autumn lasts for more than 2 days this year,

I wonder what Donny Osmond is doing right now.

Candy Corn!

This is my favorite Jesse and the Rippers video. It has all the things I love most, a cheesy over the top romantical moment, Disney World and Uncle Jesse!

When do I get paid? I am so looking forward to my first paycheck after not being paid all summer.

I see a new purse in my future. I am loving this……

I want, no NEED this!

I want, no NEED this!


I know all the Trivia Answers on Kelly and Michael and never know the answers on Jeopardy. What does that say about me? Do I really want to know?

We are getting closer and closer to the time I have to put on jeans. Why am I hearing the theme to Jaws in my head?

The Noise In My Head (insert Jaws music here).







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