heartRight at this very moment I am feeling so extraordinarily grateful and I am not really sure why. Though my blessings are abundant lately bad news has been crashing into my family like a tsunami. I think I better make a list of the things I am grateful for while my heart is bursting with them. I do love a list.

I am grateful for my friends. I am abundantly blessed with a diverse, loving and fun group of friends. I appreciate and cherish every single one of you.

I am grateful for the last few beautiful days and the hint of Autumn that they bring.

I am grateful for the gorgeous breeze coming  through my window.

I am grateful that I found a dress to wear to Meghan’s wedding.

I am grateful to be ale to celebrate Meghan and Nathaniel’s wedding.

I am grateful to celebrate the impending arrival of Bianca’s baby,

I am grateful for occasions to celebrate like weddings and babies being born.

I am grateful that there is cake at these celebrations.

I am grateful that I was in Mystic this weekend.

I am grateful that I say “I love you” a lot,

I am grateful that the second Hunger Games movie is coming out soon,

I am grateful that today I saw people I greatly admire and have not seen in awhile. It was lovely to spend time with them.

I am grateful I know some pretty amazing people.

I am grateful that I can sleep in tomorrow.

I am grateful that I got the parents I got. Thank goodness they are mine.

I am grateful for medical marvels and the talented Doctors and Nurses that create healing.

I am grateful that I believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking.

I am grateful that I have my sisters.

I am grateful all things pumpkin flavored have hit the stores.

I am grateful a new episode of the White Queen is on tonight.

I am grateful that Missy and Jennifer text me all day long.

I am grateful that Andi is having an amazing 50th  celebration. Really, I am!

I am forever grateful for this beautiful night.

I am NOT grateful that I feel and look like Violet Beauregard but that is a post for another day and really with all my blessings who am I to complain?

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