Dad #11

Dad #11

My first thought when I open my eyes is my Dad.

I think of my Dad roughly 4,983 times a day.

The rest of the day my head is full of noise.

For instance:

Today I am wearing my “good” bra. You know the one that makes the girls look like they are supposed to and does not strangle you with the under wire.

I know people will find this shocking but sometimes I just don’t want to talk.

I have an age spot on my face. You heard me right, I have an age spot on my face. Between the age spot and the pimples we could play connect the dots. Pimples and age spots, you heard me right.

Triple P received her Diploma in the mail yesterday. I of course burst into tears. They were happy tears and sad tears. Papa would have been so proud of her. She is the first one in the family to get her Masters. We are all so very proud.

You know you have a problem when the school lunches start to smell good.

I have now cried in 4 states. Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. I am taking my show on the road.

I went to Boot Camp last night. The first one in about 6 months. I hurt.

It felt good to be back in my corner.

I deleted some of my comments. I am an idiot. If I deleted one of yours I am sorry.

The kids sang in rehearsal today. It gets me every time.

Favorite book EVER!
Favorite book EVER!

There are 5 girls in the Fifth Grade reading the Little House series. This makes me INSANELY happy.

When I was little I tried to get my Dad to call me Half Pint just like Pa did Laura but Dad never called me anything but Skunk. I miss him.

I started a new book and I loved it from the first page. This makes me INSANELY happy.

There is a lot of reading going on.

64 sleeps until Christmas. You’re welcome.

I think my Dad would have liked the #LastVegas movie .

When I heard that there was another school shooting I watched the news to find out when and what happened. It was the third story after the Red Sox and Aaron Hernandez. That makes me sad and mad at the same time. Really? What does that say about the world?

I am not tired off all things pumpkin flavored yet.

Ed posted his top 10 favorite movies of all times which started a big discussion among his friends. After reading his list and their suggestions I realized how shallow and unsophisticated I am. There was  not one Disney or Chick Flix on their lists. I am going to keep my top 10 list to myself.

OK, number one would either be The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind or Last Of The Mohicans.

I have been to one Boot Camp class and one Zumba class this week, Shouldn’t that have erased 6 months of stress eating?

Tessa is home. I am so happy.

I dont want to be the grown up anymore so for today I am going to act my shoe size and not my age. Which is 9 1/2 in case you were wondering.

Speaking of shoe size, I want these.

Want. Need. Must have,
Want. Need. Must have,

 I just turned on the TV. A 14 year old killed a teacher in Danvers. I am going back to bed.

 My last thought when I lay my head down to sleep is my Dad.

The Noise is my head  (and all I can hear is static, still no music).

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  1. Get over there and post your Top 10. A) I’ll bet yours are better than some others. B) You are lots of things. Shallow is not one of them. C) Yes I may tease you about a few choices. Man up and take the heat.

    • Oh My Goodness, that would be hard and easy at the same time. We would need to make a favorite Children’s book list as well. Let me think about it! I wan to see Eric’s top 10 movie list.

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