Vote For Stacey!

Vote For Stacey!

stickerI have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t like Politics. What I do like is someone stepping up and doing what needs to get done. Unfortunately that usually involves Politics and Politicians. Sometimes you are lucky enough to find a person that is into getting it done for all the right reasons, Stacey Rizzo is one of those people and she is running for  reelection to The Revere School Committee. Personally and selfishly I don’t want her to do it. I hate seeing my friend being beaten up just for doing what she thinks is right. I also want her back in the school working by my side but she knows what needs to be done to keep the schools working for our students and staff and that is why I support her decision to run for reelection.

I have been involved in the McKinley School Drama Club for 13 years. Every year we ask the Politicians of our city for a donation to keep the Club up and running and every year we invite the entire School Committee to come to the production our students have worked so hard to perform. Most of them make a monetary donation for which we are grateful but have never, EVER attended a performance, not once in 13 years. Stacey has never missed one performance, not one. Some of the School Committee members that have never been to one of The McKinley School’s performances have participated in other school’s productions. You know, the bigger, shinier,newer schools production. I think that speaks volumes and it might be voting with my heart and with my gut but you know who I will be voting for and who I will not be voting for.

I was looking at all the bullshit political ads in the Journal and I had to laugh. One of the candidates running for reelection has the slogan that he will represent all the students in the city. That is funny, I have never, ever seen him at The McKinley School in the 20 years I have been part of the community. Not once. Not one event.

Please take all of this into consideration when you vote on Tuesday. Please remember to vote for their actions and not their words. Please vote for Stacey who cares about the students and not the politics. Please remember who continuously shows up for ALL of the students in this city. Thank You. #TeamStacey.

I am Janet Cimmino and I approve of this message.

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