Dad # 14 and 24 thoughts about Marissa.

Dad # 14 and 24 thoughts about Marissa.

It is Marissa’s 24th Birthday today. Oh My Goodness! So, in honor of her Birthday I am going to post 24 things about her. I could not help myself, the first thing that popped into my head was Dad. I really am getting better, really I am. I don’t want you all to think that I am sitting around all day wailing and crying because I miss Dad so much because I am not. I only did that the first few weeks. I am trying to put the best of my Dad in my heart and accept the new normal. Some days are better than others. Some days I cry more than others. I am trying. Really I am but today when I thought to myself “It’s Marissa’s Birthday!” my first thought was of Dad. It’s our first big celebration without him. He loved Birthday’s. He loved his the most but he gladly celebrated all of our Birthday’s. Without a doubt every year the first card the kids received in the mail was from Dad. He never forgot a birthday and wanted to be the first to acknowledge it was your day. Marissa has received a Birthday card from her Grandfather for the past 23 years and with all the well wishes she will be receiving today it is the one that she is not that will be felt the most. Still, my baby girl is turning 24 today and I want her to know how very loved she is. 24 thoughts about Triple P……

1. I am still recovering from your birth. You owe me.

2. You make me laugh. Honestly, you are too funny. I love your sense of humor. You are kind of warped. I wonder where you get that??

3. At 24 you are way more mature I will ever be. That is a good thing.

I loved dressing you in matching outfits. I would still do it if you would let me!
I loved dressing you in matching outfits. I would still do it if you would let me!

4. You are a good big sister. I know he makes it hard but I love the way you love your brother.

5. Your laugh/cry kills me and never fails to lighten up our darkest moments.

6. I want the family rate when you have your own practice. Why do they call it a practice anyway? Don’t practice on me, practice on Dad. He needs lots of practice,

7.I love how faithful you are to the entire cast of “Boy Meets World”.

8. I really think you are Andi’s daughter.

9. I love that you have adventures with your friends. Go, have more adventures.

You shopped for this little number. And this is proof you are Andi's daughter!
You shopped for this little number. And this is proof you are Andi’s daughter!

10. I don’t understand why you will not go shopping with me. It hurts Marissa, it really hurts.

11. I love that you like celebrating Holidays as much as I do. I must have done something right!

12. One day I am going to hide your flat iron and watch you go nuts. Ya know, just for shits and giggles.

13. I am a little bitter that you like to nap now and would never nap when you were a baby. Again, you owe me!

Playing and relaxing. I love this picture.
Playing and relaxing. I love this picture.

14. I love that when you were little and I asked you what you were doing you always said “Playing and Relaxing” . I love that you are still playing and relaxing.

15. You like Peach Rings, That is all, I appreciate your dedication to your love of peach rings.

16. It makes me laugh and annoys me at the same time that you like to read to me every single thing you read on Twitter, Buzzfeed, Barstool and Huffington Post. I would be ignorant of all current events if it were not for you and your addiction to your social media.

17. I like going to Disney World with you. Let’s go again really soon.

18. I am so proud of you for getting your Masters Degree. I think you are the smartiest girl in the whole wide world.

You and Annalise celebrating your 2nd Birthday. How cute are the two of you?
You and Annalise celebrating your 2nd Birthday. How cute are the two of you?

19. I love that you have had the same friends forever. I love your friends.

20. I wanted to include a picture of you and Papa but I am not brave enough to look through the pictures. He loved you so and was so very proud of you. He knew every little thing you did and put so much effort into being part of your day to day even though he lived so far away. We were so lucky.

21. I love that you asked for a cake and cupcakes for your Birthday. Maybe you really are my daughter?

22. You + Pizza = Happily Ever After.

23. I am happy you have pretend husbands. I approve of both Luke Russert and Prince Harry.

24. I love you.

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  1. Marissa, read No. 3 again. Then read 2 again. Both high compliments and especially when put together. No. 19 says a lot, too. All good. No. 6? Really? 😉 No. 13… You do owe her. It might explain No. 6 and No. 3. xoxo (re: No. 24… I love you, too) Happy birthday.

    • I should have posted the famous picture of the 3 of you playing dress up. It is one of my favorites. Love you. I hope you are having a fantastic trip!

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