Static on a Monday morning……….

Static on a Monday morning……….


Good Morning Monday!

You do not scare me because this is a 3 day work week before a Holiday weekend.

A Holiday weekend that involves being thankful and food.

I am a little teary about celebrating but despite our personal loss I have the most to be thankful for, he was my Father and I have the most loving and caring family and friends. Except Eduardo. He can be really snarky when it comes to music and food.

I miss him.

Dad, not Eduardo.

I don’t have BootcaNp tonight. That is a good thing and a bad thing. I am always happy AFTER class but thinking about getting m ass kicked at the end of the day is tough. I am proud of myself for completing this Boot Camp. I only missed one when I was at Disney. I made a promise to myself that I was going to do it and I did. Again, I had great friends that kept me motivated and the best Teacher. It makes a difference. I also cried and swore a lot. Sometimes that helps as well.

I bought really cute pants yesterday. I am going to wear them today and remember how nice it was that I got to spend a spontaneous shopping day with Gigi yesterday. I love spending time with my sisters.

I love shopping.

Triple P does not enjoy shopping. Not really sure she is my daughter. Remind me to leave her home next time.

Remember what a challenge Drama Club was last year? Well, this year makes last year look like a vacation. Let me just say that with only 5 rehearsals left we have had to replace 3 main characters. Kind of freaking out but keeping it together with the attitude of the understudy’s who said “Mrs. C, we can do this”. Did I mention we only have 5 rehearsals left?

I rested up this weekend in preparation of making THREE boxes of my famous Stove Top Stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner. I think I am ready.

Still all jacked up from seeing Catching Fire. Go see this movie. I can not wait to talk to the students that have seen it. I am looking forward to the book/movie discussion. They nailed this movie. I never say that. The kids are not going to believe it. I never like the movie as much as the book. This is going to be fun!

So, It’s Monday. I got this. I am feeling strong Don Pardo. (I am not sure what that means) Let’s get this party started.

Insert BAD WORD here! The Thinker just came in and informed me our cars were broken into last night. It really does not bother me if some low life wants to steal my things. It’s just stuff. Though I am happy my Donny Osmond CD’s were in the house. What bothers me is that someone was in our backyard last night while we were sleeping. Bad Word, Bad Word, Bad Word. This is the third time our cars have been broken into and the screen house this summer……………

What the hell.

What would Katniss do?

And just like that it is a Monday morning.

The Noise In My Head……..and it started out humming but is now filled with static. Bad Word.

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  1. Proud of you for BootCamp. Well done.

    Start keeping your Donny CDs in the cars. The thief will feel bad for you and may leave you what they stole earlier in the night at other’s homes. Seriously, I think its time for motion activated lights, etc.

    Stuffing is important. Do a good job. Then go over and kiss the feet of The Saint and your in-laws for all they do that is taken for granted. And do all the clean up. Rest up.

    Do you know the last conversation I had with your dad? In your kitchen? He thanked me for watching over you and giving you a necessary dose of reality, Skunk. I will continue to do so. So HUSH. 😉 xoxo

    • Great, now I am crying and feeling badly that I called you snarky.
      I do have motion activated lights. Apparently the meth/crack heads are not afraid of lights. They probably think it is a light show.
      Ummm, who should be thanking who?
      I did it! Can you believe I actually did it! Woo Hoo!

  2. OH JANET!! HANG IN THERE!!!! I cried driving in to work this morning – Nat King Cole came on the radio singing a Christmas song – it’s too early for Christmas songs, but it’s never too early for Nat!! SO made me think about my Dad, and our first big holiday without him….

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