Elfin’ Donny #5 and The Noise in my head………….

Elfin’ Donny #5 and The Noise in my head………….
Donny kicked the Elf thing up a notch! I just need to figure out how I am going to sit on his lap.

Donny kicked the Elf thing up a notch! I just need to figure out how I am going to sit on his lap.

Being a Mother is not for the faint of heart. Mothers everywhere carry their children and their worries for them every day in their hearts. I am especially thinking of Gail Misci. and Kim Wainman. Ladies please know you have the love and support of every mother out there. We carry your burdens with us.

I do not care how well you can hit a ball with a stick nobody is worth 153 million dollars. I am not a sports person but seriously? 153 million dollars? I understand the hard work of the athlete and I kind of sort of understand people’s enjoyment in watching sporting events but he is hitting a ball with a stick. How about we pay Soldiers, Teachers, Rescue Workers what they are worth. 153 million, it is ridiculous.

You can not be sad looking at a Christmas Tree.

The PTO decorated a tree in front of the office on Monday. When I got to school a first grader excitedly said to me “Mrs. C, did you see Christmas is here?”. I said “Christmas is here, where?”. He replied “In front of the office!”. I love my job.

I have been privy to two 4 pound boxes of Whitman’s Chocolates this week. I know exactly which ones are caramel. It’s a skill actually.

No matter how early I get up I am always rushing the last 10 minutes out the door. I blame Kelly and Michael.

I have not eaten one Cadbury Mini Egg yet! Hard to believe I know. I am afraid because once I do there is no stopping me. I think I will wait for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and crack open a bag then. Seems like the right time…….

You know you are a Mom when your breakfast consists of the last few crumbs of three different cereals that were left in open boxes in the cereal cabinet.

Speaking of breakfast, do you think 12 boxes of Pumpkin Spice Eggo’s will hold me over until next year? I am afraid to go buy more at Target. I think my picture is in the frozen food aisle.

It makes me both incredibly happy and incredibly sad that one week from today I will be on my way to LA to be with my family for Dad’s burial. I do take huge comfort in the fact that Dad would have loved that he had 3 funerals. 3 Funerals? Who does that? MY DAD! Actually I think it is only fitting for a man who was so loved. In fact I find it hard to believe that the whole world is not throwing him a funeral.

I am obsessed with this A Capella group and it makes me happy because they are finally bringing Music back into The Noise In My Head.

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  1. JANET!!!! Thank you for this – now I’m going to be addicted to this group too…I’m SSOOOOO glad you are hearing some music again – it’s such a strange thing how the brain reacts. And music can be really tough. And you are right – you cannot be sad looking at a Christmas tree!!!
    : ) Just keep swimming….

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