It is early here. Everyone is still sleeping. I am trying to be quiet so they can rest, not an easy task for me. Today is going to be a long day and I am sitting here trying to wrap my head and my heart around this final Good Bye. My Father is such a huge part of who I am that it is never really good bye but saying good bye to his physical being is the hardest thing I have ever done. Being here where so many of my happiest childhood memories with him were made is bittersweet. I see him everywhere. At dinner last night I could not help but think that he should have been at the head of the table orchestrating the chaos. He would have loved us all being at one table and the chaos. I am looking forward to being with everyone today. To listen to all the stories about Dad. I am anticipating seeing people I have not seen in a long time and being referred to as “one of George’s girls” or Skunk. I am looking forward to being in St. Timothy’s church were as a family we have celebrated so many of life’s milestones. I am looking forward to the reception at El Coyote, a family tradition. I am hoping I can hold it together when Jake and. Mario give the Eulogy they wrote for their adored Pop. I am so grateful Jimi has the strength to speak for the sisters because I could never do it. I am so comforted that the people I love most and consider my foundation will hold each other up as we say this final good bye. I am at peace with Dad being laid to rest beside his parents. I can only hope that they are all together playing cards (cheating) and I am confident that at some point today, at least once, there will be a dance party in my Auntie’s living room.


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