Help Me!

Help Me!

Friends! I need your help.I realize this post is not earth shattering and kind of selfish but  I am having the worst time making decisions. I need help. I have had broken  mini blinds in the bedroom for about …….hmmmmm……let me think…..3 years! I love the windows but the broken, old mini blinds make it look like I live in a crack house. Every time I think about replacing them I break out into a cold sweat. The thought of changing them fills me with dread because I have no idea what I want to do. I am so bad at this, Blah! I keep hoping that the decorating fairies will visit during the night and make my windows look fabulous.  I know I hate mini blinds and I know I do not want a pull down shade but that is all I know. Please, somebody with good taste and a little imagination help me.



And then to completely send me over the edge I need a new TV/Entertainment thing. I do believe we are the last family in Revere , maybe the universe, to get a flat screen, HD, LCD,LED,Smart whatever the hell it is TV. I wont even go near the decision making of that purchase. I am leaving it all up to the Thinker but I have to pick what it is going to sit on. Why?Why?Why? I have been looking for 2 days and am nowhere closer than I was when I started. I really stink at this. Any ideas? Anybody want to help? Because I am thinking that this is overwhelming and  I can live with the crack house decor a little bit longer………


I like this….. I think. Do I like this? Ugh.


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  1. Janet, I will be no help with the window treatments BUT, as for the TV stand…..they have this cool electric fireplace TV stand at Sam’s. Put your new Large flat screen TV on that and enjoy the flicker of the flames and the warmth of the fire on these blustery cold New England nights.

    Just a thought, Good Luck.
    Love Ya.

    • I have seen those! They are so cool but the space is soooo small it would not work. I only have a little corner. I really need a corner piece which makes it even harder to find! The good news is that when I am watching TV I will be munching on fantastic KETTLE CORN!

      Love you both.

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