Opening night and Dad # 16

Opening night and Dad # 16

curtainsI know I keep doing this. I know I keep writing and thinking about Dad but there are just so many things that bring me right back to missing him without even trying. Today is opening night of the school play. My first waking thoughts were of all that still needs to be done, a tech rehearsal that never happened and a curtain call that needs to be changed. Then, without any prompting it hit me that I wold not be getting my Dad’s opening night break a leg phone call. It took my breath away and I just let that thought wash over me for a moment. Every performance I have ever been involved in my Dad has reached out to me in some way, flowers, a note or a phone call. From my very first performance at Stoneleigh to last years production of “Into the Woods Jr.” he has let me know that he supports me, is happy for me and is proud of me. He knew what I wanted to do this year and after lasts years trial and tribulations he was happy that we had decided to do it again but he died before we began rehearsals. I can only hope that he knows I took his advice. I hope he knows that despite swearing I would never do this again he reminded me of that one moment that makes it all worth while. I hope he understands that I listened when he said to think about how I felt after my first time on stage and I should give the kids the same opportunity. I hope he knows I listened and that the last 13 years of performances would never have happened without his love and support. I hope he knows that we dedicate this years performance to him. And I hope I hear his “Good Work Skunk” in my head as the curtain closes.

P.S. This is also the last production before Lauren leaves for Japan. This is just adding my to emotional messiness. A parent once called both of us the heart and soul of the McKinley School Drama Club. I appreciated that compliment but Lauren is the foundation. None of this would happen without her and she will be missed. I wonder if we can Skype her into rehearsals next year?

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